Antenna Accessories

 Wall Mount
Made of heavy gauge steel. Supplied with 2 brackets and mounting hardware. For masts up to 1-1/2" diameter. Wall clearance of 3-3/4".

15-9023 YDI $9.90
Chimney Mount
Fits masts up to 1-1/2" diameter complete with heavy duty strap clamps, 18 ft stainless steel strapping and necessary hardware.

15-1218 YDI $29.90
Antenna Guy Wire
50 ft, 6 strand, 20 gauge wire. Heavy galvanized steel, rustproof.

15-620 YDI $5.90
Rotor Wire
3 conductor, UL listed.

15-129 YDI $17.90 (100 Feet)
2-Way Guy Wire Mast Clamp
Two screw eyes for attaching guy wire to masks up to 1-1/2" diameter.

15-827 YDI $1.50
Cable Clamps
Guy wire clamps to hold wires securely. Galvanized steel, 1/8" wire size.

15-850 YDI $5.90 (4/pkg)
Mast Clamp Assembly
U bolt assembly. Serrated edges to prevent twisting.

15-826 YDI $1.90
Galvanized steel for installing guy wires.
Closed 4" - open 5-5/8".
15-829 YDI $3.90 (2/pkg)
Screw Hook
Steel - zinc plated. 1/4" x 3-3/4" - 1" ID

15-825 YDI $1.90 (3/pkg)

VH129N  YDI $9.90


Winegard  TB-0005    5 Ft. mast  YDI $13.28

VMP TR-36 3 foot Tripod
YDI $39.90
VMP TR-60 5 foot Tripod
YDI $59.90
shown above
Non Penetrating Roof Mounts
This non-penetrating roof mount is constructed of steel and uses standard concrete blocks to secure.
For use with DBS, antenna and satellite internet systems.
FRM-125 60 Mast with 1.25 O.D.
FRM-166 26 Mast with 1.66 O.D.
FRM-238 30 Mast with 2 3/8 O.D.

VMP FRM-125         YDI $79.90   
VMP FRM-166         YDI $79.90   
H816BID: Economical Whole House Video Amplifier
Distributes CATV or antenna to 6 TVs
Four standard outputs (up to 75 feet)
Two long outputs (up to 150 feet)
Bi-directional with a 5-42 MHz return path for cable
modems, interactive applications and pay-per-view boxes
Can be mounted upside down

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More Open House Products
H838BID/HHR: Video Hub
Distributes antenna to 8 TVs
Two modulator inputs to add locally generated channels (camera or DVD)
(HHR)High headroom amplifier
(BID) Bi-directional with a 5-42 MHz return path
IR repeating system using 5-volt targets
Antenna isolation compliant with FCC part 15 requirements

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H881: 8-way Amplified Modulator Combiner Hub
Modulator inputs from 8 locations
Combines all channels into single output
Accepts modulated inputs from 400-800 MHz
Expansion hub for H838 Series

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HDP-269 Preamp
Best suited for digital reception. Used in high input suburban areas to overcome cable loss, etc. (using approximately 150 of RG-6/U cable).
Specifications for HDP-269
Avg. Gain
Power Requirement
Avg. Noise
Total Input
(82 ch)
(82 ch)
(82 ch)
75 ohm
75 ohm
12 db
60 mA @ + 12VDC
3 db
350,000 uV
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Many other accessories available, this is a small sample of the products available!      Other Quality Winegard Products Can be found Here.

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