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This blend of polyester is strong, bulky, soft and inherently low lint. This material is made with hydraulically interlaced fibers with no chemical or thermal bonding. Class 100 compatible.
4" x 4"
828-4X4 100(4"x4") Wipes

Twillwipes / Cleanroom Cotton Wipes
Cleanroom Cotton Wipes

 The Twillwipe is a 100% cotton tightly woven twill that effectively traps contamination. It is thermally stable, solvent resistant, static dissipative, and low linting whether used in sheets or strips. It is processed at neutral pH without any starch or binders, and is virtually chemically pure. The Twillwipe is "Lymanized", a proprietary cleaning treatment that insures the ultimate in cleanliness and quality, and cut on the bias to minimize fraying.

Class 1000 Cleanroom Compliant. Absorbs three times its own weight.

Available Sizes

829-4X4 100(4"x4") Wipes
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