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Greases and Lubricants
Carbon Conductive Grease
Lubricates and improves electrical and thermal connections between sliding surfaces, while providing protection from moisture & corrosion. Excellent for use on switches and EMI shielding applications.

Prevents normally closed switches from corroding in place.
Reduces make-break arching and pitting of switch contact surfaces
Improves the connection between irregular or pitted contact surfaces
Reduces EMI noise by maintaining a continuous path between conductive surfaces
Thermally stable up to 200°C
Available Sizes
846-80G 80g (5 oz) Grease
Lithium Grease
Contains lithium soap, mineral oil, and zinc oxide. Provides superior lubrication and protection against corrosion and oxidation. Reduces friction and wear. Use on high performance bearings, gears and other mechanisms under sliding and rolling friction conditions. Retains consistency over a wide range of temperatures.

Electronic Grade
Premium Quality
Will not harden
Excellent on metal to metal applications: hardened steel, bronze, aluminum
Available Sizes

8461-85ML 85ml (3 oz) Tube
Silver Conductive Grease 8463

This Silver Grease provides maximum electrical and thermal conductivity between sliding surfaces, while providing protection from moisture and corrosion. Typical applications include lubrication of substation switches or circuit breakers, heat dissipation from transformers, or static grounding on seals or O-rings.

8463-7G 7 gram (0.25 oz) Syringe
Super Penetrating Lubricant 8472

Use when you need a lubricant that cleans, protects, and lubricates. Protects against rusting and corrosion. Penetrates rusted nuts and bolts for easy removal. Drives out moisture and safe on plastics and metals. Contains contact and vapor phase inhibitors that prevent corrosion in both operating and idle conditions, even in very humid atmospheres.

8472-450G 450 grams (16 oz) Aerosol
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