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Stainless Steel Cleaning Brush 850
A 3-row general cleaning brush with stainless steel bristles and a 7¾" long plywood handle. An excellent utility brush, great for cutting corrosion, preparing hard surfaces for soldering, and for cleaning solder tips.

850 Single

Hog Hair Cleaning Brush 852

Excellent for removing flux and general clean up. Can be used dry
or wet. Works well with sticky or crusty materials.

 852 Single
Large Hog Hair Cleaning Brush 853
A large 4-row by 9 tuft pattern natural stiff hog hair general cleaning brush with a 1" x 8 3/8" wooden handle. Excellent for general circuit board cleanup. Can be used dry or with cleaning fluids. Works well on sticky or crusty materials.
 853 Single  

Applicator Brush 845

Ideal for precision application of conformal coatings, adhesives, and solvents.

845 Applicator Brush 25-pack
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