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OSEPP I²C Expansion Shield
The OSEPP I²C Expansion Shield is an Arduino-Compatible daughter (extension) card. It provides easy interconnection with other I²C devices, such as the OSEPP Sensor Modules family. As well, it integrates an I²C switch that provides 4 additional isolated I²C buses to enable the use without collisions of multiple I²C devices with same I²C addresses. The main I²C bus and each of the 4 additional I²C bus are brought out to a robust latchable 4-pin connector that allow easy plug and play functionality.

I²C Addresses (7-bit)
0×70, 0×71, 0×72, 0×73, 0×74, 0×75,
0×76, 0×77
Form Factor
53.3 mm x 68.6 mm
Power Consumption
0.1 mW
Connector Pin Definition
Pin 1: Power
Pin 2: I2C Data
Pin 3: Ground
Pin 4: I2C Clock

• 1-to-4 I²C switch to provide four isolated I²C buses
• Stackable with other Arduino and Arduino Compatible shields
• Provides pass through of all I/O as well as reset button and ICSP connector.
• Three selectable address bits for I²C switch to allow stacking of up to eight Shields
• Supports boards with the Arduino Shield interface, such as (but not limited to):
Duemilanove • Uno • Pro • Bluetooth • Mega/Mega 2560
• Works with 3.3 V and 5 V boards
• Plug and play I²C connectors that provide I²C, power, and ground signals
Stock Code
Product Name
OSEPP™ I²C Expansion Shield

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