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VELLEMAN Flexible Z-axis Coupling for K8200 and K8400 3D Printers, ZC3DJT16

diameter: 16mm / 0.63" length: 23mm / 0.91" inside diameter: 5mm (0.20") / 8mm (0.31") material: 7075 aluminium max torque: 1Nm axial flex: +/- 0.4mm (0.0157") lateral flex: 0.1mm (0.004")

VELLEMAN Z-axis Upgrade Rod and Coupler for K8200 3D Printer, K8204

Improves Z-axis accuracy Eliminates printing wobble Strongly advised for direct drive 0.35mm printing Upgrade Kit Includes: Precision threaded rod lead screw Follower Nut Flexible coupler

VELLEMAN Linear Bearing for K8200 3D Printer, LM8UU/SP

This standard .8mm bearing will replace any bearing included in the K8200 3D printer Bearings play an important role in 3D printing, make sure your K8200 is running smoothly and effectively by replacing any faulty bearings.

VELLEMAN Plastic Parts Set for K8200 3D Printer, MP8200SET/SP

The MP8200SET/SP includes all plastic parts need for assembly of the K8200 Black Plastic

VELLEMAN Themistor NTC 100K SMD for K8200 3D Printer, NTC100K-1206/SP

An inexpensive temperature sensitive resistor, composed of semiconductor material NTC 100k SMD 10% 2-pin 1206 for K8200

VELLEMAN NTC Thermistor (Version 2) for K8200 3D Printer, NTC104LAF/SP

The spare part, NTC104LAF/SP is a 100k NTC Thermistor for the second generation hot end on the K8200 3D Printer Fits through a hole in the heater block for better temperature control of the extruder’s hot end The thermistor provides feedback to the controller for temperature control

VELLEMAN PCB for Bed Plate for K8200 3D Printer, P8200BED/SP

The Velleman P8200BED/SP is the heating element for the K8200’s heated bed This product does not contain the glass plate on which you actually print

VELLEMAN Power Adapter 15VDC 100W for 3D Printer, PSK8200/SP

Replace your malfunctioning power supply with the Velleman PSK8200/SP spare power adapter. Power Supply to bare leads: 15vdc 100w

VELLEMAN CPU Board for K8200 3D Printer, VK8200/SP

If your not happy with the speed of the 3D printer, it may be time to replace the CPU.  This controller board comes fully soldered and requires no assembly.  Contains header connections for extruder heating, cooling and motors; filters for noiseless operation.

VELLEMAN Stand Alone Controller for K8200 3D Printer, VM8201

Encoder based control. Enclosure .STL file available from K8200 website SD card slot. Reset button. Dimensions: 80 x 50 x 45 mm / 3.15 x 1.96 x 1.77"
New VELLEMAN 3D Printer Head LED Light Ring

VELLEMAN 3D Printer Head LED Light Ring, VM8202

Power supply: 15 VDC (from driver board) Power consumption: approx. 65 mA Ring diameter: 80 mm / 3.15"

VELLEMAN Extruder Upgrade Kit for K8200 3D Printer, K8203

Print with 1.75mm PLA or ABS filament on your Velleman K8200: 3D Printer Higher resolution 3D prints EXTRUSION UPGRADE KIT INCLUDES: 0.35mm extruder nozzle for 1.75mm filament Extruder heater and sensor Direct drive unit with stainless steel pulley High power plug-in stepper driver All necessary installation hardware

VELLEMAN Replacement Glass Bed Panel for K8200 3D Printer, GP8200

material: clear tempered glass thickness: 0.12" (3mm) size: 8.46 x 8.46" (215x215mm) ensures a perfectly flat and level bed smoother finish of bottom layer tempered glass: less likely to shatter than ordinary window glass or mirrors

VELLEMAN Spare Nozzle Assembly for K8200 3D Printer, NOZ8200/SP

Replaces clogged or Jammed Printer Nozzle Remove, replace, and reprint with the Spare Nozzle Assembly

VELLEMAN Extruder for K8200 3D Printer, 7350-31/SP

The Velleman 7350-31/SP includes: 5mm nozzle and barrel heater element heater block NTC thermistor filament guide tension relief bracket and isolator necessary hardware for assembly

VELLEMAN Stepper Motor Driver for K8200 3D Printer, A4988/SP

Replacement stepper motor driver card Controls the MOTS4/SP Stepper Motors of the K8200 3D Printer

VELLEMAN Flat 15 Conductor Ribbon Cable for K8200 3D Printer 3m, FC16C-3/SP

15 Conductor Multi-Colored Cable Used to help modify or repair K8200 3D printer

VELLEMAN 1.75mm Hot End Nozzle for 3D Printer, HE1.75MM-NO035

0.35mm nozzle 1.75mm hotend for 1.75mm - 1/16" filament Fits both the K8400 Vertex 3D Printer and the K8203 Upgrade for the K8200 3D Printer Durable, long-lasting Easy to replace and install

VELLEMAN Linear Bearing 10mm for K8200 3D Printer, LM10UU/SP

These bearings provide free motion for the K8200 3D Printer linearly, or in one direction Linear bearings do not require any lubrication or maintenance, but keep a few stashed away just in case

VELLEMAN Stepper Motor for K8200 3D Printer, MOTS4/SP

2.5Ah 1.8 Steps Inexpensive, replacement stepper motor for the K8200 3D Printer

MG Chemicals Polymide Tape, POL200-15

20cm x 15m (8in x 49ft) 2 mils thick Silicone adhesive Very high heat resistant Superior tensile strength Eases release of heated objects Protects printer bed RoHS and REACH compliant

MG Chemicals Acetone 945ml, 434-1L

Enhances Adhesion to the Print Bed for 3D Printing Smooth Finishing of 3D Printed Pieces Highly Miscible with Other Common Organic Solvents Fast Evaporation Rate VOC Exempt

3M Polyimide Film Tape Heat Resistant, 1205

.5 inch width X 36 yard roll Designed for high heat applications Tough and thin Solvent-resistant