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LINROSE Blue 5mm LED 2.2-3V 10pk, B4304H6-10PK

Size: T1 (5mm) Lens Color: Diffused MCD: 149 Voltage: 2.2-3V

OSEPP Multi Colored LED Assortment Set 25pcs, LS-00016

5mm round LEDs Five each of Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and White Widely used in flashlights and general lighting applications Compatible with Infrared Reflow Solder and Wave Solder Process

Velleman LED Assortment 80pc, K/LED1

Quantity: 80 pieces Contents: 15 x: 3mm green, 4.0mcd 20 x: 3mm red, 1.0mcd 15 x: 5mm green, 6.0mcd 20 x : 5mm red, 2.0mcd 10 x : 5mm yellow, 3.9mcd

Velleman Blue LED's 3mm 30 Pack, K/LED30B

Quantity: 30 pieces Emitting colour: blue Case colour: waterclear Luminous intensity (If = 10mA): 2200mcd Viewing angle: 25 Forward voltage: 3.2V Applicable current: 20mA Wave length: 475nm

Velleman White LED's 3mm 30 Pack, K/LED30W

Quantity: 30 pieces Emitting colour + material: white Case colour: waterclear Luminous intensity (If = 10mA): 6300mcd Viewing angle: 25