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VANCO 1x2 Coax HDTV Digital Bidirectional Signal Amplifier, AMP200

Amplifies Weak Video Signals caused by Splitting the Signal for Multiple Television Installations. Handles all Cable and Off-Air Signals Return Path for Cable Modem Bidirectional 14 dB Gain- 1 GHz Input: (1) 75 Ohm Output: (1) 75 Ohm Gain: Forward Path: 14 dB + 2 Return Path: 10 dB + 2 Frequency Range: Forward Path: 54-1000 MHz Return Path: 5-40 MHz Noise Figure: < 4 dB Input/Output Return Loss: > 12 dB Insertion Loss: – 2.5 dB Max Output Level @ – 60 dB IMD: > 102 DC Pass: Input/Output LED Indicator Light Metal Housing: Good RFI Shielding Power Supply: 12V DC- 50 Hz

RCA Digital Signal Preamplifier for Outdoor Antennas, TVPRAMP1R

Extends range for outdoor antennas Enhances performance in low signal strength areas Preserves signal purity with Extremely Low Noise (ELN) circuitry Outperforms old preamps made for analog Optimizes performance with separate UHF/VHF amplification Switchable FM trap reduces interference from FM frequencies Separate or combined inputs for UHF/VHF VHF gain: 16dB UHF gain: 22dB Intermodulation: Avg>60dB