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ELENCO Mech-5 Teach Tech Kit, TTC-895

The mechanical coding wheel is the heart of the Mech-5 Mechanical Coding Robot It steers its coded courses and programmed tasks Coding is executed effortlessly by snapping the coding buttons onto the coding wheel, directing your robot to perform its basic functions – move forward, backward, right or left, spin or pause. 

SCIENCE WIZ Electricity Projects, 7800

18 Activities including Spin motors and pinwheels Light lights Buzz buzzers Send coded messages Test what conducts

SCIENCE WIZ Electronics Projects, 7817

Go from potato batteries to voltage piles to building electronic circuits! Build a LIE DETECTOR! Assemble and test a touch sensor Construct blinking and flashing-light circuits Make a potato battery and voltage pile Solve circuit puzzles Make a continuity tester Master circuits with a multimeter Explore Ohm’s Law

SCIENCE WIZ Inventions Projects, 7901

4 Major Projects to Build: A spinning motor A clicking telegraph A light-flashing generator A real radio

ELENCO LED Robot Blinker Kit, K-17

With the LED Robot Blinker; you will learn about free-running oscillators. You'll have fun building; displaying and learning about the LED Robot Blinker. This kit requires soldering

Star Simpson's Circuit Classics Bargraph Voltage Indicator, AF3460

This circuit lets you become a scientist and an engineer and marks the passage of that important milestone of using tools you have constructed yourself. You can measure batteries or use it to explore and understand other electronic circuits that you find in the world. They make a great gift for a first-time learner, an expert tinkerer, or even just as a fun conversation piece for your desk.

GEEK CLUB W4 Scout Recon, GC-PB-W401

Advanced solder kit Surface mount soldering Includes, parts, instruction manual and comprehensive educational book