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MG CHEMICALS Low Temperature Solder Paste T3 SN42/BI57/AG1, 4902P-15G

Alloy exceeds J-STD-006C and meets ASTM B 32 purity requirements Flux meets J-STD-004B Excellent fine pitch printing capability Long operational life - non-slumping Good wettability

VELLEMAN Lead Free Solder .04" Diameter 99.3 TIN/.7 CU, Rosin Core, SOLD100GLF

Weight: 0.22 lbs Width: .04" diameter Composition: 99.3% SN - 0.7% Cu Melting point: 446F Rosin core

MG CHEMICALS Structural Epoxy Adhesive, 9200-25ML

Toughened, smooth, thixotropic paste 1:1 mix ratio Working life: 30 minutes Cure time: 24 hours at room temperature Non-sagging and gap filling Very strong adhesion Bonds dissimilar materials Highly resistant to vibration and temperature cycling Extreme chemical resistance Low shrinkage Easy to dispense