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PHILMORE Insulated Solderless Terminal Assortment, 65-1875

175 pieces Contains butt splices, ring terminals, spade terminals and quick connects For 18-22awg, 14-16awg and 10-12awg wire sizes Includes crimp/strip tool Re-useable case

Eclipse 5 piece Pin Removal Kit, CE-0275

5 Pc. Pin Removers Designed for use with various connectors such as MOLEX, AMP, TYCO, etc Contains 5 different size insertion tools Comes with pouch for easy storage

PHILMORE Insertion/Extraction Tool for D-Sub, D004

Tool is designed for insertion and extraction of crimp type pins for D-Subminiature connectors Tool body is made of plastic; and ends are metal

ECLIPSE Pin Extractor .130" OD .110" ID, 902-398

Extracts pins and sockets from commonly used connectors such as AMP