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GENERAL TOOLS Wireless Thermometer, EMR813

Three available channels to minimize interference  Min/Max memory  Programmable alarm  F/C switch Indoor measurement range: 32 to 122F (0 to 50C)  Outdoor measurement range: -4 to 158F (-20 to 60C)  Wireless range: 100 ft. (30m) with no obstructions  Transmission frequency: 434 MHz  Display resolution: 0.1  Power source: Two "AAA" batteries (not included)

GENERAL TOOLS Wireless Temperature-Humidity Meter, EMR963HG

Includes base station with jumbo display + one #THGR268 wireless temperature-humidity sensor; base station can link to two additional #THGR268 sensors Min/Max memory F/C switch  Base station and sensor(s) can mount on a wall or stand on a surface  Indoor/outdoor temperature range/resolution: -58 to 158F (-50 to 70C)/0.1 Indoor/outdoor RH range/accuracy/resolution: 25% to 90%/5%/1%  Transmitting range/frequency/sampling time: up to 90 ft./433 MHz/40 seconds Power source: Two "AAA" batteries each for base station and sensor (included)

EXTECH Wireless Hygro-Thermometer, RH200W

Base Station LCD with Auto-Night Light displays local and up to eight remote Temperature/Humidity readings either auto-cycle or manual mode from the wireless transmitters Easy-to-read 1.3" (33mm) oversized digits Min/Max recording with reset Indoor Comfort icons displayed on Base Station indicating too cold, comfortable, or too hot/humid conditions Trend arrows indicate rising, steady or falling of the Temperature/Humidity readings Snow icon appears when remote temperature is 37.4°F (3°C) or below Transmitter LED flashes to indicate normal operation Transmitters can be mounted up to 98ft (30m) from the base station Operates at 433MHz; FCC approved Includes a base station with 4 AA batteries and one transmitter with 2 AA batteries. Additional remote Transmitters (RH200W-T) sold separately (up to 8 transmitters can be wirelessly connected to the base)

GENERAL TOOLS Wireless Temperature Sensor, THGR268

Additional Wireless Sensor for #EMR963HG Temperature measurement range: -58 to 158F (-50 to 70C)  Relative humidity range: 25% to 90%  Transmitting range/frequency/sampling time: up to 90 ft./433 MHz/40 seconds Power source: Two "AAA" batteries (included)

EXTECH Wireless Weather Station, WTH600-KIT

Indoor Base Station: Weather Forecast displays Sunny, Partially Cloudy, Cloudy, Rainy, Stormy, or Snowy condition Barometric pressure in Relative or Absolute readings Displays Rain Rate, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Total Rainfall measurement (in inches or millimeters) Historical bar chart display for rainfall (past 5 days) or pressure changes (1, 3, 6, 12, 24 hours) Measures Indoor Temperature and Humidity and indicates comfort level and dew-point Max/Min readings with time-date stamps Hourly records for the past 24 hours Hi/Lo alert setting (indoor & outdoor temperature, windspeed, and rainfall) Flashing Amber LED indicator for Hi/Lo Alert warning Amber LED backlight- Low battery indicator for sensor and main unit- Signal strength indication for sensor Clock display with date and weekday (5 languages: EN / DE / FR / IT/ ES) Clock alarm function and Ice-Alert Outdoor Transmitter: Outdoor weatherproof (IP67) transmitter with 5 built-in sensors measuring Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Rainfall, Temperature, and Humidity Long-range transmission up to 450ft (150m) between Outdoor Wireless Transmitter and Indoor Base Station Measures Gust or Average Wind Speed in (mph, m/s, km/h, knots) Operates at 915MHz (for North America only!) Complete with one Base Station with 3 AA batteries and one Transmitter with 3 AA batteries

EXTECH Pocket Size Anemometer, AN10

Measures air velocity: 80 to 3936ft/min, 1.1 to 20 m/s, 0.8 to 72km/h, 0.9 to 45mph, 0.8 to 39 knots Pocket-sized housing with easy one-button operation Large, backlit LCD display Double-molded side grip Tripod mount (tripod not included) Complete with 9V battery