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VANCO IR Over HDMI Control Kit Target & Emitter, 280700

Allows for IR Control over any HDMI Cable To Connect add an HDMI IR Adapter to both ends of the HDMI Cable IR TX Pigtail connects to HDMI IR adapter at the source IR RX Pigtail connects to HDMI IR adapter at the display  Extends IR Signals more than 100m/328 ft Supports Dual Band IR HDMI IR Adapters are IR or CEC configurable

VANCO One Zone Six Source IR Repeater Kit, 280731

Allows for the Transmission of IR Signals from up to 6 IR Emitters to one IR Receiver IR Receiver works in most lighting environments, including CFL Kit includes (1) Connecting Block, (1) Mini IR Receiver, (2) Single IR Emitters and (1) 12 VDC Power Supply A total of 6 IR Emitters can be supported IR Receive Frequency: 34 kHz to 60 kHz IR Transmit Frequencies: 38 kHz & 56 kHz Range: 40 ft at 38 kHz & 25 ft at 56 kHz Power Supply, 12 VDC, 3 milli-amps Connecting Block Dimensions: 2.36” W x 1” H x 3.22” D

VANCO 3.5mm Stereo Plug to Four 3.5mm Stereo Jacks Cable, WIR-1X4

Compatible with Wireless IR Kit (WIR-KIT) 3.5 mm Stereo Plug to (4) Stereo Jack Cable 9″ Black Cable

VANCO Wireless IR Kit 200 meters (656 ft), WIR-KIT

Transmits IR signals wirelessly over 915 MHz RF Allows for wireless IR transmission up to 200 meters (656 ft)- no cable required Allows up to 4 devices to be controlled remotely by a single receiver. 10 discrete channels allow for pairing of up to 10 sources and 10 displays within the same installation environment (Additional Transmitters and Receivers sold separately) IR Frequency:  20-60 Hz Easy to Use and simple to set up Optional IR TX and RX pigtails included for use when hiding transmitter and receiver units Compatible with most universal full band carrier frequency infrared remote Features frequency hopping technology to minimize RF interference Includes (2) 5V DC power supplies