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MG CHEMICALS Speaker Service Cement 55ml, 8337-55ML

Repairs foam surrounds, cones and more A quick drying adhesive that is specially designed for speaker repair It forms a hard, durable and vibration resistant bond with minimal shrinkage

SUREHOLD Python Glue 2oz, 78-SH-352

Formulated for those projects requiring high strength glue; such as o repairing chair legs o building outdoor projects such as decks & steps o furniture assembly Bonds metal, stone, ceramic, brick, wood & more Ideal for most DIY fixes – indoors & outdoors o fill holes and gouges in wooden items o repair cracked and broken patio pavers o repair ceramic statues & pottery o repair picture frames o repair door and window molding and trim o bond plywood to concrete Does not dry with excessive foaming as do similar glues on the market. Easy-to-use bottle has a precision point for getting into those difficult places. Once dry, Python Glue is waterproof and can be sanded and painted Made in the U.S.A.

SUREHOLD Superflex Adhesive 1oz, 78-SH-360

Creates a flexible, wterproof bond that never becomes brittle An all-purpose adhesive and vinyl mender that bonds almost anything to anything Hundreds of uses for repairs, arts, crafts, hobbies and many other projects The “Do Everything Adhesive” is made in the USA Use to bond and repair hard plastics, metals, wood, tile, china, fabric, rubber, leather, vinyl, ceramics and much more Stops leaks in containers, pipes and hoses Can be used as weather-stripping Dries clear