Create all sorts of interactive objects and environments with Arduino, an open source electronic prototyping platform. If you like tinkering with electronics but lack the time and knowledge to finish a project consider Arduino. It’s a tinkerer’s dream and makes hardcore electronics projects accessible to anyone. Build electronics projects with Arduino’s programmable circuit board and IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that runs on your computer and can write and upload computer code to the physical board. Get started with Arduino Starter Kit with components and tutorials for several projects. Contact the experts at “You-Do-It” Electronics with any questions.
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VELLEMAN Brightdot Power & Fuse Pack for Electronics Wearables, VMW111

includes: fuse board Vin connectors: BAT1: soldering points for your own power connection BAT2: JST Connector for standard LiPo battery and/or our Alkaline battery pack Vout connector: JST fuses: fuse to protect the LED circuit fuse to protect the development board battery pack for 3 x AA batteries (batteries not incl.) fuse board to development board cable spare fuses (one of each type) fuse board dimensions (W x L x H): 38 x 38 x 7.4 mm fuse trip current LEDs: 500 mA fuse trip current development board: 750 mA fuse board max. forward voltage: 360 mV

OSEPP Robo Pro Robotic Basics Kit, ROBO-01

Set includes: aluminum chassis, microcontroller, motor driver, ultrasonic sensor, and line sensor, learning guide and assembly instructions Designed for kids over 10+ and adults Lessons include: Basic Robot Control, Object Avoidance, Line Following Requires 6 AA batteries (not included) Educational STEM toy for kids, learn about programming, coding, electronics Thoughtful present for birthday, Christmas, anniversary, special occasions

OSEPP Micro SD Shield, MSDS-01G

5v+3v3 or 3v3 operation 13×12 0.1” pitch prototyping area Compatible with popular libraries Interfaces over SPI with CS on pin 8


8-bit AVR RISC-based microcontroller running at 16 MHz Single mini-USB connector for both power and serial communication Form factor is breadboard friendly Less than 1/3 the size of the OSEPP™ Uno Two extra analog input pins compared to the OSEPP™ Uno Compatible with existing Arduino software libraries

SPARKFUN IoT RedBoard - ESP32 Development Board, WRL-19177

CPU and On­Chip Memory ESP32-D0WD-V3 embedded, Xtensa dual-core 32-bit LX6 microprocessor, up to 240MHz 448KB ROM 520KB SRAM 16KB SRAM in RTC Wi­Fi 802.11b/g/n Bit rate: 802.11n up to 150Mbps A-MPDU and A-MSDU aggregation 0.4µs guard interval support Center frequency range of operating channel: 2412 ~ 2484MHz Bluetooth® Bluetooth® V4.2 BR/EDR and Bluetooth® LE specification Peripherals microSD card, UART, SPI, SDIO, I2C, LED PWM, Motor PWM, I2S, IR, pulse counter, GPIO, capacitive touch sensor, ADC, DAC, TWAI® (compatible with ISO 11898-1, i.e. CAN Specification 2.0) Integrated Components on Module 40MHz crystal oscillator 4/8/16 MB SPI flash 4-pin Qwiic Connector 2-pin JST Connector for Single Cell, LiPo Batteries Built-in LiPo Charge IC (MCP73831) Default Charge Rate: 500mA LiPo Fuel Gauge (MAX17048) LEDs CHG PWR RX/TX User LED Addressable RGB LED (WS2812)

VELLEMAN Corner Brightdot LED Pack, VMW105

2 x left BrightDot corners 2 x right BrightDot corners integrated backup line (this ensures that one broken LED does not affect the next LED) each PCB has gold plated contacts with 6 sewing holes of 1.22 mm solder or sew them! dimensions (L x W): 14.25 x 6.5 mm (0.56 x 0.255 inch) max. current consumption: 60 mA / LED at full brightness power supply: 3.3 V - 5 V PCB thickness: 2.1 mm (0.082 inch) required: or other Arduino compatible development board

VELLEMAN Audio Shield for Arduino Uno, VMA02

60 second recording time start playback, record,… via on-board buttons or via Arduino® UNO playback via a speaker or a line output downloadable sample sketch and library stackable design: the shield can be stacked with other shields large user community requires 1 Arduino UNO™ (not included) audio sample frequency: 8 kHz uses pin 10 on an Arduino® UNO board as a Chip Select uses the ICSP pins on an Arduino as a serial connection to the shield to free up I/O pins memory write up to 100.000 X dimensions: 80 x 55 x 30 mm / 3.15 x 2.16 x 1.18"

OSEPP 16 2 LCD Display & Keypad Shield, 16X2SHD-01

Mate with Arduino and Arduino compatible boards Display up to 16 characters by 2 line Integrated the SPLC780D 16 COMs x 40 SEGs dot-matrix LCD controller and driver 5V operating voltage 5 button keypad up, down, left, right, and select Brings out the Arduinos reset button to the top of the shield

OSEPP 101 Arduino Basics Starter Kit, ARD-01

Discover Arduino through EASY and FUN lessons Step-by-step instructions with diagrams No prior electronics knowledge required Kit comes with everything you need to build your own: Volt Meter LED Game Buzzer Circuit and play melody INCLUDES the OSEPP UNO R3 PLUS board!

OSEPP 201 Arduino Basics Starter Kit, ARD-02

Discover Arduino through EASY and FUN lessons Step-by-step instructions with diagrams No prior electronics knowledge required Kit comes with everything you need to build 15 projects across 8 categories: 1. Temperature 2. Light 3. LEDs 4. Sound 5. Ultrasonic 6. Servo Motors 7. Stepper Motors 8. LCD

OSEPP Robotic Functional Kit, MECHF-01

Included sensors & functions: Bluetooth (HC-06) Module – This module allows the user to control their project using their Android smart device. Download our Android App for free below. Ultrasonic Sensor – This module provides object avoidance function.  IR Follower – With this module, you can turn your flash light into a remote control.  Line Sensor – This is no typical line sensor. Most line sensors in the market has one sensor so it is sensitive to the width of the line it is trying to follow. Our sensor module has FIVE sensors so it can follow lines of different widths and with increased accuracy. Works best following black lines on white background.  100% Arduino Compatible

OSEPP Micro SD Shield, MSDS-01

5v+3v3 or 3v3 operation 1312 0.1 pitch prototyping area Compatible with popular libraries Interfaces over SPI with CS on pin 8  

OSEPP Proto Shield, PROTO-01

1316 0.1 pitch prototyping area Two LEDs with the anode pin exposed (JC2, JC3) Arduino Reset button A User push-button with Pull-up (JC1) BlueSMiRF header