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PLATINUM Cyclops Stripper, 15010C

Accepts cable diameters from 0.10" to 0.43" (2.5mm - 11mm) Removes cable jackets from twisted pair UTP/STP cables. Removes cable jackets from multi-core cable (shielded & un-shielded). Removes cable jackets from fiber optic cable. Self-adjusting.

ECLIPSE Self-Adjusting Wire Strippers, 200-091

Sturdy ABS & low carbon steel body. Application: Stripping flexible cable from 0.2 ~4mm2 (AWG 24-12). Overall length: 172mm.

KLEIN Coax Cable Radial Stripper 2-Level, VDV110-061

Klein's exclusive sliding depth gauge pre-measures cable for fast, accurate and repeatable strip. 2-level coaxial preparation/stripping in one step - 5/16 and 1/4 (7.9 mm and 6.4 mm). Durable high-carbon steel pre-set cutting blades automatically adjust to different cable diameters for precise, accurate cable stripping. Finger loop design facilitates easy, controlled rotation. Bright, highly visible color for quick identification. U.S. Patent No. D688,927.

PLATINUM Cat 5e/6 Jacket Stripper, 15015C

Removes the cable jacket on Cat5/5e/6 cables. Accepts cable diameters from 0.18" to 0.25" (4.5mm - 6.3mm). No adjustments required; easily switch from one cable type or insulation to another. Does not nick inner conductors. Recommended for PVC cable jackets. Long life blade.

TRIPLETT Cable Cutter/Stripper, TT-242

Cuts multi-wire cooper cable up to 3/8 diameter Curved double ground SK-5 cutting blades Precision 10 to 20 AWG wire stripper Comfortable and lockable ErgoTex handles increase efficiency and reduce hand fatigue Corrosion resistant Black Oxide finish