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Solve measurement challenges quickly and accurately with digital oscilloscopes from “You-Do-It” Electronics. Watch signal changes in circuits over time and locate faults in broken electronics in order to debug applications. Consider the level of accuracy you require and then decide the type of oscilloscope that best suits your need. Choose from basic models suitable for most applications to PC based or app based oscilloscopes. Compare capabilities of oscilloscopes including the number of channels, bandwidth, sampling rate, memory and price. Ask the expert staff at “You-Do-It” Electronics Center to answer any questions.
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EXTECH 0-30VDC 1A DC Power Supply, 382200

Adjustable 30.0V/1.00A output Dual backlit LCD display Accuracy of 1.5% for Voltage and 2% for current

EXTECH Digital Triple Output DC Power Supply 0-30VDC 3A with fixed 5 & 12VDC, 382213

Adjustable 0-30-Volt 0-3-Amp Fixed 5- and 12-Volt Constant Voltage or Current Current limiting indicator Overload and short circuit protection Binding post terminals for variable supply

EXTECH Laboratory Grade Power Supply with 30V/20A Max output, 382275

Remote Control for output Voltage/Current and On/Off Two user-defined Voltage and Current presets and one 13.8V/20A factory preset Automatic Constant Current crossover Dual 3-Digit LED displays High RFI immunity and excellent EMI Thermostatic Control Fan from zero to full speed Overload, over-temperature, and short circuit protection

EXTECH 0-60VDC 10A DC Power Supply, DCP60

60-Volt/10-Amp output The maximum current can be limited to 5 Amps Auxiliary output on the front panel

VELLEMAN 0-15VDC 3A DC Power Supply with Dual LCD Display, LABPS1503U

LCD display for voltage and current protection mode: current-limiting color: white-grey insulated terminals output connectors: IEC1010 indoor use only pollution degree II measurement CAT III protected against overload