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WELLER Carbon Activated Filters for WSA350, 3 pack, WSA350F

Carbon Activated Filters for WSA350, 3/Pack Removes flux fumes from soldering workbench Replacement for WSA350 Benchtop Smoke Absorber

WELLER Self-contained Bench Top Smoke Absorber, WSA350

Benchtop Smoke Absorber Removes flux fumes from soldering workbench Great for workspaces using more active fluxes used with lead-free solder Fumes are absorbed by the replaceable carbon-activated filter Includes one replacement filter (WSA350F) Stand allows the smoke absorber to be adjusted to varying angles Fan is quiet and will not add significant noise to the workspace ESD safe

WELLER Solder Station 40W, WLC100

Soldering Station for Hobbyist and DIYer On/off switch with "power-on" indicator light Variable power control built into station Quality lightweight round pencil iron for rolling tip Cushioned foam grip with replaceable heating element Safety guard iron holder Natural sponge tip cleaning pad Includes iron plated copper tip UL listed, cUL version available

VELLEMAN Temperature Controlled Soldering Station with LCD Read-out 48W, VTSSC40NU

manual temperature setting LCD display with digital temperature scale temperature preset on LCD display with on/off switch ceramic heating element with temperature sensor standard tip (incl.): BITC10N1

VELLEMAN 48W Adjustable Temperature Soldering Station, VTSS7U

The Velleman VTSS7U 48 W Adjustable Soldering Station has a temperature range of 320 - 896 f Great for projects of all skill level With the flip of the on/off switch the unit is easy to use and heats up in seconds Has a manual temperature setting, so you can complete a variety of different tasks

VELLEMAN 50W Adjustable Temperature Soldering Station, VTSS5U

Adjustable temperature setting Includes soldering iron stand Light-weight and portable  Temperature: 374-896°F Voltage Supply: 115VAC Input Power: 50VA max. Weight: 2.65 lbs. Dimensions: 7 1/4" x 3 31/32" x 3 1/2" Spare bits: BITS5, BITS5C/1, BITS5C/2, BITS5C/3

VELLEMAN "Quick Hot" Electric Soldering Gun, VTSG130NU

Electric Soldering Gun (30-130W / 110V) User Tip: Do not use the high heat setting on the VTSG130NU for longer than 30 second intervals.

Eclipse SMD Rework Station, SS-969E

SMD Rework Station Auto cool-off process to prolong the life of heating element. Plastic shell, compact body, beautiful, small footprint. Brushless motor design, quiet in operation, equipment noise less than 45dB

ECLIPSE LCD Smart Soldering Station 60W, SS-256EU

Input voltage: AC 110~120V 60Hz Control system: Microprocessor-controlled Power consumption: 60W Display: LCD 2.87" x 1.57", Backlight Temperature range: 200~480°C /392°F~896°F Temperature calibration: 100~699°C(212~1290°F), Adjustable Temperature stability: ±2°C/±36°F (no load) Heating element: Alumina ceramic Plug: EU Sleep mode: OFF/1-240min adjustable Output voltage: 24VAC Temperature of sleep mode: 200°C/392°F USB port output: DC 5V/1A

ECLIPSE Temperature Controlled Soldering Station, SS-206E

Adjustable temperature control with lock/set screw Temperature range 200- 480C (392-896F) Soldering iron handles are insulated and ergonomic-designed for ease and comfort Celsius or fahrenheit temperature setting

ELENCO Soldering Station Adjustable 5-40 Watts, SL-5-40

Variable heat - 5 watts to 40 watts  Includes a holder funnel for the iron; sponge pad for cleaning the tip and an on/off switch with indicator light
Sale VELLEMAN 3 in 1 DMM and Power Supply and Soldering Iron

VELLEMAN 3 in 1 DMM and Power Supply and Soldering Iron, LAB1U

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digital multimeter: 3 1/2 backlit LCD automatic polarity indication DC voltage: 200mV to 600V in 5 steps AC voltage: 200V and 600V DC current: 200µA to 10A in 5 steps resistance test: 200 ohm to 2Mohm diode, transistor and continuity test data-hold function and buzzer CATI 600V CATII 300V regulated power supply: selectable output voltages: 3 - 4.5 - 6 - 7.5 - 9 - 12Vdc output: 1.5A (2A peak) LED overload indication with output on/off switch very low ripple LED power indication soldering station: low-voltage iron: 24V ceramic 48W heating element with temperature sensor temperature range: OFF - 302 - 842°F lead-free soldering possible supplied with sponge and spare bit