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GENERAL TOOLS Magnifier Eye Loupe 5X, 527

Optical-quality (ground and polished) clear glass lens Magnification: 5X  Lens diameter: 1 in.  Focal length: 2 in.

ECLIPSE 7.5X Handheld Magnifier with LED Light, MA-022

Comes with 1 LED light Combine with UV light for currency or credit card detection 7.5x Magnification

ECLIPSE 10D(3.5)/76D(20X) Handheld LED Light Magnifier, MA-023

Dual lens design The second lens slides out from the handle of the magnifier Two LED lights for illumination Use 3 AAA batteries-not included

Eclipse LED Table Clamp Magnifier Lamp, MA-1209LA

LED Table Clamp Magnifier Lamp 110V 5D (2.25X) magnification The scratch resistant glass lens will provide high transmittance. 90 LEDs for energy saving, low temperature and long life.

VELLEMAN Magnifier Lamp -5 Diopter - 22 Watt - Fluorescent Bulb, VTLAMP2BNU

dimensions: arm length: 41 11/32" width: 9 29/64" height: 2 23/64" color: black power supply: 110Vac spare lamp: LAMP22

ELENCO LED Magnifying Lamp with Third Hand, ZD-10Y

This device also come with: Soldering iron stand Alligator clips Soldering wire spool holder Sponge Rosin It can be powered either by 4 AA batteris (not supplied) or external power adaptor (not supplied)

ECLIPSE 3.5X Handheld LED Light Magnifier, MA-021

Comes with 2 LED lights Suitable for reading, PCB checking and more Uses 3 AAA batteries not included

GENERAL TOOLS 4X Magnifier, 538

Magnification: 4X  Lens diameter: 2 in.  Focal length: 2 in.

ECLIPSE Table Clamp Magnifier Lamp 5 Diopter White, 900-061

White inspection Lamp - 5D (Diopter) 2.25X(5D) magnification glass lens

ECLIPSE Desk Top Magnifier Lamp White, 902-108

Lens material: glass Diopter: 3 diopter/12 diopter (insert)

ECLIPSE Table Clamp Magnifier Lamp on Gooseneck, 902-110

Magnifier Workbench Lamp - Black with Bench Clamp 2X(5D) magnification glass lens

ECLIPSE 5D Desk Type Magnifier Lamp - Black, 902-221

2X(5D) magnifying lens Easy swivel lens Adjustable joint arm for easy positioning Energy efficient and super bright Liftable lens-protection cover Lens material: glass Light source: AC120V 60Hz T4 12W circular fluorescent lamp supplied with electronic ballast. Product size: Base: 7"x6", Height: 14.5"

Eclipse Personal Headworn Magnifier, MA-016

Flexible lens combination for higher magnification. Detachable LED light device. The tilt degree of LED light is adjustable. Thumb screw to adjust the tilt degree of lens. The belt size can be adjusted freely.  

VELLEMAN Desk Lamp with Magnifying Glass - 12W - White, VTLAMP10U

dimensions: arm length: 10.63" (27 cm) width: 7.09" (18 cm) height: 15 1/3 " outer diameter of light ring: 5.45" (138 mm) lght tube diameter: (4/8") 0.5" (12.7 mm) color: white power supply: 110 VAC / 50-60 Hz cable length: 4 ' weight: 5.4 lbs light source: 12 W circular fluorescent lamp on/off switch table standard dioptre: 3 + 12 supplied with electronic ballast