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MASTER APPLIANCE Butane Powered Glue Gun, CG-200

Operating Temp: Approx. 392°F/200°C Recommended Glue Stick: 1/2" (0.50 inch) Avg. Run Time: Approx. 120 minutes (full tank) Ramp Up Time 3-4 minutes Glue Melt Rate: up to 0.67 lbs. per hour Fuel Capacity: 6 g

MASTER Variable Temperature Heat Gun Kit, EC-200K

Variable Temperature: 100° & 930° F - Accommodates many automotive and commercial applications. Two fan speeds - Low & High (7 & 9 CFM) Lightweight - 1 lb. - Easy to hold at any angle for long periods of time, eliminates operator fatigue Built-in hand guard - Protects hand and fingers. Recessed switch guards against knocks and bumps 3-wire grounded cord set - A positive grounding system for user safety ETL listed - Safety agency tested & approved for user safety Thermoplastic housing - for high impact durability Built-in Stand - Very stable, allows user to set heat gun down in an upright position. Use to bend and form plastics, dry body fillers, remove decals, spot dry paint, shrink tubing, packaging and more Kit consists of EC-200 Variable Temperature Heat Gun, 7/16" air reducer attachment,1 shrink tubing attachment, 1-15/16" and 3-1/8" spreader attachments, 1 flat metal scraper, 1 scraper handle with 3 interchangeable scraper blades, packed in a durable storage & carrying case.