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SPARKFUN Blower - Squirrel Cage (12V), COM-11270

Rated Voltage: 6-12VDC Rated Current: 1Amp Rated Airflow: 16CFM Rated Power: 10W Outlet Diameter: 33mm Fan Speed: 3000-3500rpm

VELLEMAN Cooling Fan 12VDC 60mm, BLS12/60

2.36" x 2.36" x 0.98"bearing: sleeverated voltage: 12Vdcair flow: 39.9yd/hrcurrent: 0.14Aspeed: 3500rpmnoise (at 1m): 22.5dBAconnection: leadsweight: 55gmaterial: plasticoperating temperature: -20C to +40C

VELLEMAN Cooling Fan 12VDC 92mm, BLS12/92

3.62" x 3.62" x 0.98" bearing: sleeve rated voltage: 12Vdc air flow: 96.8yd/hr current: 0.16A speed: 2400rpm noise (at 1m): 31.1dBA connection: leads weight: 73g material: plastic operating temperature: -20C to +40C