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SPARKFUN Inventor's Kit - v4.0, KIT-14265

SparkFun RedBoard Arduino and Breadboard Holder SparkFun Inventor’s Kit Guidebook White Solderless Breadboard Carrying Case SparkFun Mini Screwdriver 16x2 White-on-Black LCD (with headers) SparkFun Motor Driver (with Headers) Pair of Rubber Wheels Pair of Hobby Gearmotors Small Servo Ultrasonic Sensor TMP36 Temp Sensor 6' SparkFun USB Cable Jumper Wires Photocell Tricolor LED Red, Blue, Yellow and Green LEDs Red, Blue, Yellow and Green Tactile Buttons 10K Trimpot Mini Power Switch Piezo Speaker AA Battery Holder 330 and 10K Resistors Binder Clip Dual-Lock™ Fastener