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Sale ELENCO Solar Rainbow Maker

ELENCO Solar Rainbow Maker, EDU-37568

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Fill your room with rainbows every time the sun shines! Includes a solar panel, electric motor, and all the other necessary parts to build your own Rainbow Reflector kit. For ages 6 and up.
Sale ELENCO Wake Me Robot Kit

ELENCO Wake Me Robot Kit, EDU-4003

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The Wake Me Robot uses a light sensor; making it sensitive to light The kit also includes parts for inventing your own robot arm No soldering required
Sale OWI 14 in 1 Solar Robot Kit

OWI 14 in 1 Solar Robot Kit, OWI-MSK615

Regular Price: $29.90

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14 Different Robot Modes Solar Powered Transparent Housing to See the Movements of the Gears No Soldering Required
Sale ELENCO Foldable 5-in-1 Survival Kit

ELENCO Foldable 5-in-1 Survival Kit, EDU-36895

Regular Price: $9.90

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Foldable 5-in1 design 3x binoculars Whistle Mirror Compass Emergency signal Instruction manual
Sale ELENCO Sound Control UFO Kit

ELENCO Sound Control UFO Kit, EDU-62022

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Simple assembly is required No remote control needed! Body, ionized cover, hatch, face, rear, wheel brakes, stickers NOTE: The box is used during operation. Please don’t throw it away
Sale ELENCO Stem Robotics ERP Pro Edition

ELENCO Stem Robotics ERP Pro Edition, ENG-STEM70

Regular Price: $299.00

Your Price: $239.20

 32-bit ARM CORTEX-M2 micro controller• 256 Kbytes Flash®, 64 Kbytes RAM• USB full speed port (12 Mbit/s)• 7 input/output ports: Users can connect up to 7 LEDs to teach traffic lights (5 included), up to 4 sensors digital or analog (2 infrared and 1 touch included), and up to 3 motors (included)• Onboard buzzer• Onboard buttons to manually program the 3 motors for forward and reverse and also the LED outputs for ON/OFF• Bluetooth enabled to connect to smart phones, tablets and PCs so that it can be remotely programmed and controlled through free Android and iOs apps• All cables needed to connect the peripherals to the controller and the PC are included• Requires 6 AA batteries (not included)• Set comes in a convenient plastic storage tub with lid
Sale Elenco Snap Circuits Snapino

Elenco Snap Circuits Snapino, SC-SNAPINO

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Easy snap together parts for an introduction to Arduino CODE: Introduction to the open-source Arduino hardware-software coding environment PROTOTYPING: Snap Circuits® are easy to use and the large format component modules are easy to handle  COMPATIBLE: Compatible with other Snap Circuits® sets and Arduino compatible shields and components  INCLUDED: 1 Arduino UNO compatible Snapino Module - 6 Snap Circuit Modules - 3 Snap Wires - 1 Snap Jumper Wire - 1 Snap to Pin Wire - 1 USB Cable - 1 9 Volt Battery Holder  -  1 Manual - 9 volt battery needed but not included
Sale New ELENCO Snap Circuits 3D M.E.G.

ELENCO Snap Circuits 3D M.E.G., SC-3DMEG

Regular Price: $67.90

Your Price: $49.99

Builds over 160 projects Includes over 60 parts Age Grade: 8+ 
Sale ELENCO Snap Circuits STEM Kit

ELENCO Snap Circuits STEM Kit, SC-STEM1

Regular Price: $44.90

Your Price: $39.99

Builds over 85 projects Includes over 45 parts Age Grade:  8+ Requires (3) AA batteries - not included Parts include Meter, Electromagnets, Motor, Lamps, Switches, Compass, and LED and more
Sale New ELENCO Electronic Playground 50-in-1 Experiments

ELENCO Electronic Playground 50-in-1 Experiments, EP-50

Regular Price: $19.90

Your Price: $15.92

Build over 50 electronic projects Learn about voltage, currents, resistors, capacitors, and much more For ages 10 and up. Batteries: 1-9V
Sale ELENCO Solar Bottle Motorboat

ELENCO Solar Bottle Motorboat, EDU-37551

Regular Price: $9.90

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A simple kit designed for future engineers and environmentalists. Assemble a powerful solar bottle boat with used plastic bottles. See how the solar panel generates power! For ages 6 and up
Sale ELENCO Intro to Electricity & Electrical Circuits

ELENCO Intro to Electricity & Electrical Circuits, EDU-2018

Regular Price: $14.90

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Introduction to electricity and electrical circuits. Learn about series; parallel; and broken circuits; voltage; current; resistance; switches; wires; contacts; resistors; contacts; resistors; and light bulbs. No Soldering Required
Sale VELLEMAN 3D Virtual Reality Glasses-Viewer Kit for Smartphone

VELLEMAN 3D Virtual Reality Glasses-Viewer Kit for Smartphone, VR-GEAR

Regular Price: $5.35

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contents: Google Cardboard lenses: Durovis OpenDive Lens Kit magnets: one neodymium ring magnet and one ceramic disk magnetapproximate sizes: Ø 19 mm (0.75"), thickness 3 mm (0.12") head strap phone compatibility: Android®: special Cardboard app, compatible with Android® 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or higher iOS®: Google Cardboard works with iPhone®, provided you have the right stereoscopic app max. body size: 7.5 x ca. 15 cm - 2.95 x ca. 5.73 inch
Sale ELENCO Snap Circuits 3D Illumination

ELENCO Snap Circuits 3D Illumination, SC-3DI

Regular Price: $49.90

Your Price: $39.92

Exciting light effect 3-color light tunnel Projector with 6 cool images Mirrors and reflecting circuits Comes with over 50 parts With new parts like the vertical stabilizer, base grid stabilizer, and base grid support, you can build amazing 3D structures


Regular Price: $31.45

Your Price: $25.16

No Soldering No Tools - It's a Snap. 133 projects clearly outlined in the color project manual 
Sale Elenco Snap Circuits 300 Experiments

Elenco Snap Circuits 300 Experiments, SC-300

Regular Price: $49.90

Your Price: $39.92

No tools required Includes Projects 1-305 manuals Includes all of the SC100 projects and 200 new ones!
Sale Elenco Snap Circuits 500 Experiments

Elenco Snap Circuits 500 Experiments, SC-500

Regular Price: $79.90

Your Price: $63.92

Includes all of the SC300 projects and 200 more! Includes Projects 1-511 manuals Build over 500 projects
Sale Elenco Snap Circuits 750 Experiments

Elenco Snap Circuits 750 Experiments, SC-750

Regular Price: $99.00

Your Price: $79.20

No tools required No Soldering required Build over 500 projects
Sale Elenco Snap Circuits Arcade

Elenco Snap Circuits Arcade, SCA-200

Regular Price: $49.90

Your Price: $39.92

30 Snap Modules included Can complete more than 200 projects
Sale Elenco Snap Circuits Light

Elenco Snap Circuits Light, SCL-175

Regular Price: $59.90

Your Price: $47.92

Contains over 55 parts Can build more than 175 projects No Tools required No Soldering required
Sale Elenco Snap Circuits Motion

Elenco Snap Circuits Motion, SCM-165

Regular Price: $59.90

Your Price: $47.92

Over 50 parts and over 165 project to complete; all motion and physics focused Experiment with gears ratios using various gears and pulleys  Gain valuable lessons in assembly and following instructions Project manual includes large color illustrations and simple directions for projects No Tools Required No Soldering Required
Sale Elenco Snap Circuits Deluxe Rover

Elenco Snap Circuits Deluxe Rover, SCROV-50

Regular Price: $79.90

Your Price: $63.92

Disc Shooter Digital Voice Recorder Music Sounds Over 40 Other Experiments Over 50 Parts Wireless Remote Control included Run up to three Rovers at once No Soldering Required No Soldering Required
Sale Elenco Snap Circuits Jr. 100 Experiments

Elenco Snap Circuits Jr. 100 Experiments, SC-100

Regular Price: $29.90

Your Price: $24.99

 No tools required Includes Projects 1-101 manual

VELLEMAN 2 Legged Allbot, VR204

The ALLBOT is a modular robot system with Arduino compatible robot shields Build and enhance the robot, learn how to program, use the app and have fun. Just add an Arduino compatible microcontroller(not included)

VELLEMAN 4 Legged Allbot, VR408

The ALLBOT is a modular robot system with Arduino compatible robot shields Build and enhance the robot, learn how to program, use the app and have fun. Just add an Arduino compatible microcontroller(not included)
New Zip Runt Rover Kit

ACTOBOTICS Zip Runt Rover Kit, 637192

The Zip includes all the components needed to build a zippy little line-following robot making it great for getting started in robotics and programming Kit includes an Arduino compatible board and commented sketch that users can modify to adjust the performance Easily snaps together The only tool required is a small slot headed screwdriver for the screw terminals This kit is powered with a 9V battery (included)