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ACTOBOTICS Aluminum Motor Mount D, 555132

4 tapped mounting holes coming in from the sides Mount comes with (2) 3mm x 6mm motor mounting screws

ACTOBOTICS Right Angle Gear Motor Mount, 555184

This mount is designed specifically for use with our 140rpm Right Angle Gearmotor (#638336) Constructed of Acetyl  

VELLEMAN 1.5-3VDC Motor 350mA (13800 RPM), MOT1N

Voltage: operating range: 1.5-3V nominal: 3V No load: speed: 14200rpm current: 0.3A At max. efficiency: speed: 11780rpm current: 1.33A torque: 15.7gcm output: 2.37W eff.: 59.5% Stall torque: 1.60oz-in

VELLEMAN 2.5-6vdc motor 340ma 14400rpm, MOT2N

voltage: operating range: 2.5-6V nominal: 6V no load: speed: 14500rpm current: 0.21A at max. efficiency: speed: 12530rpm current: 1.34A torque: 46.2gcm output: 5.94W eff.: 74.1% stall torque: 4.72oz-in

VELLEMAN 6-24VDC Motor 160mA 11500RPM, MOT3N

voltage: operating voltage: 6-24V nominal: 12V no load: speed: 11500rpm current: 0.18A at max. efficiency: speed: 8768rpm current: 0.726A torque: 62.5gcm output: 5.617W eff.: 59.58% stall torque: 4.27oz-in

TAMIYA 6-Speed Gearbox Kit, 72005

This versatile, high-efficiency gearbox lets you build one of the following gear ratios: 11.6:1, 29.8:1, 76.5:1, 196.7:1, 505.9:1, and 1300.9:1.

TAMIYA 4-Speed Worm Gearbox Kit, 72008

This versatile, high-efficiency gearbox lets you build one of the following gear ratios: 11.6:1, 29.8:1, 76.5:1, 196.7:1, 505.9:1, and 1300.9:1.

SPARKFUN Hobby Motor with Gear, ROB-11696

1.0 to 3.0VDC Motor but can handle a max load of up to 12VDC No load speed of 660010% RPM (@1.0V DC, 110mA).

SPARKFUN Liquid Pump - 350GPH (12v), ROB-10455

12V operation 350 GPH 1.5A motor " barbed outlet 3ft long wire leads

SPARKFUN Vacuum Pump 12VDC, ROB-10398

12V motor 12W operation " barbs 0-16" Hg vacuum range

OSEPP Fan Motor Module, FAN-01

Operating voltage output: 3V 6V MAX Speed (no load):15000 rpm Speed (6V):8000 rpm Current (6V):40mA Stall current (6V):360mA Torque (6V):0.111kg/cm

ACTOBOTICS Right Angle Gear Motor 140 RPM, 638336

Voltage (Nominal)4.5V Voltage Range (Recommended)4.5V - 6.0V Speed (No Load)*140RPM Current (No Load)*190mA Current (Max Load)*250mA Torque (Stall)*800 gf-cm (11.11 oz-in) Gear Ratio48:1 Gear MaterialPlastic Gearbox StyleFace Gear / Straight Cut Spur Motor TypeBrushed DC Output Shaft Diameter5.3mm Output Shaft StyleDouble Flats Output Shaft SupportPlastic Case Electrical ConnectionMale Header Pin Wire Length12 Wire Gauge26awg Mounting Screw Size4-40 Product Weight0.07 lbs

HITEC HS-225BB Servo Mini Size, HS-225BB

The analog HS-225BB represents a good value with performance that rivals other larger and more expensive servos Ideal for applications that call for a small, lightweight, high speed, high torque servo Features a top ball bearing and is built with state-of-the-art SMT technology

HITEC HS-311 Servo Standard Size, HS-311

The HS-311 sport servo provides the novice modeler all the performance and reliability you would expect to find in a more expensive servo Combined with precise resin gears and SMT circuitry

HITEC HS-625MG Servo Standard Size, HS-625MG

The powerful high speed HS-625MG is a perfect choice for those applications requiring a fast and strong standard size servo Utilizing our M/P and metal gear train technology A fantastic sport servo for larger planes and 10th scale sport vehicles

HITEC HS-422 Servo Standard Size, HS-422

The HS-422 is one of the most durable and reliable servos Hitec has ever offered With its dual iron-oilite bushings, high impact resin gear train and high performance circuitry Features excellent centering and resolution

HITEC HS-425BB Servo Standard Size, HS-425BB

The HS-425BB is offered with dual ball bearings, impact resin gears and high performance circuitry As one of Hitec's longest running production servos, it has proven to be a durable and dependable product year after year

HITEC HS-645MG Servo Standard Size, HS-645MG

The powerful HS-645MG is one of Hitecs most popular servos Its the perfect choice for those larger sport planes or monster trucks and buggies requiring a durable high torque servo Featuring their unique M/P and metal gear train technology Offers one of the strongest gear trains available in any servo

HITEC HS-55 Servo Sub-micro Size, HS-55

The HS-55 set the standard for affordable performance, offering precision components that have been engineered to provide long lasting trouble free service! Featured in a hundred model aircraft reviews worldwide Best choice when it comes to controlling smaller Electrics and Park Flyers