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VELLEMAN 3-axis Digital Acceleration Sensor Module -MMA7455, VMA208

+-2g/+-4g/+-8g dynamically selectable full-scale Output Data Rates (ODR) from 1.56 Hz to 800 Hz 12-bit and 8-bit digital output I2C digital output interface (operates to 2.25 MHz with 4.7 kO pullup) two programmable interrupt pins for six interrupt source Three embedded channels of motion detection Orientation (Portrait/Landscape) detection with set hysteresis High Pass Filter Data available real-time supply voltage: 1.95 V - 3.6 V interface voltage: 1.6 V - 3.6 V current consumption: 6 µA - 165 µA

VELLEMAN 40kHz Ultrasonic Transducer Receiver, MA40A5R

description: ultrasonic sensor transducer - receiver max. input voltage: 20Vrms operating temperature: -4°F to +185°F range: 0.6 to 20ft nominal frequency: 40kHz sensitivity: -67dB min. sound pressure: 112dB min.

VELLEMAN PIR Motion Sensor with Double Twin Optics, HAA54

double-twin-optics detection technology SMD-technology for greater EMI and RFI immunity detects the real intruders, not the pets or rodents automatic temperature compensation fast or pulse count response for difficult environments with tamper switch detection method: alternating polarity, 2 pyro-optic elements, passive infrared power-up delay: 2 minutes with flashing LED indication alarm activation delay: 2-3 seconds pulse count: instant response or 2 pulses within 12 seconds walk test LEDs: CH1, CH2 and alarm indicators alarm output: relay NC 28V DC 0.1A power supply: DC 12V (DC 9-16V) / 15mA typ. operating temperature: 14°F to 131°F with temperature compensation dimensions: 5" x 2.5" x 1.8"

VELLEMAN Ceiling Mount PIR Motion Sensor, HAA50

detection pattern: 360° conical pattern, Ø 35ft when installed at a height of 12ft operation voltage: DC 8 - 16V quiescent current: 15mA typical at DC 12V relay output: normally closed (fail-safe) dry relay contact, 18ohm resistor is connected in series with the contact alarm activation delay: 2 - 3 seconds tamper output: normally closed contact LED: walk-test enabled or disabled with internal link pulse counter: single- or double-pulse detection through alternating signal polarity mounting height: 12ft max. dimensions: 3.4" x 1.0" operating temperature range: 0 °C to 70 °C not suited for outdoor use

OSEPP Humidity and Moisture Breakout, MHUM-01

100% Arduino Compatible Operating voltage: 3V – 5V MAX analog pin interface for moisture sensor DHT11 humidity sensor 20-80% humidity readings with 5% accuracy 0-50°C temperature readings ±2°C accuracy

NTE Precision Temperature Sensor, 7225

Directly Calibrated in °K 1°C Initial Accuracy Operates From 450μA to 5mA Less Than 1Ω Dynamic Impedance Ab

OSEPP IR Receiver, IRREC-02

100% Arduino Compatible 3 pin outs: G (GRD),V (VCC),S ( Signal)  3-5 V operating range Operates at a frequency of 38khz

VELLEMAN Electronic Parts Pack for Arduino, VMA503

What's Included: 1 Breadboard 1 Plastic plate 30 Breadboard jumper wire 8 Colored push buttons (red, green, blue and yellow) 40 Jumper pins 38 Colored LEDs (red, green, blue and yellow) 2 RGB LEDs 10 22pF capacitors 10 100pF capacitors 10 10nF capacitors 10 100nF capacitors 10 100µF capacitors 1 Trim potentiometer 2 LDR 2 Diodes 1 LM35 temperature sensor 1 Photodiode 1 SN74HC595N 8-bit shift registers 1 Resistor set 1 Servo motor 1 4-digit 7 segment display 1 1-digit 7 segment display 1 8 x 8 LED dot display

VELLEMAN 3.3 v / 5 v ttl Logic Level Converter Module, VMA410

low side (3.3 V): 2 inputs and 2 outputs high side (5 V): 2 inputs and 2 outputs other connections: Vlow (3.3 V), VHigh (5 V) , pass-trough GND dimensions: 15 x 16 x 15 mm Breadboard compatible

VELLEMAN RFID Read/Write Module, VMA405

Operating Voltage: 3.3 VDC working current: 13 to 26 mA sleep current: < 80 uA peak current: < 30 mA working frequency: 13.56 MHz Supported card types: Mifare cards Interface / protocol: SPI Controller chip: MFRC522 Data transmission speed: Max. 10 Mbit / s dimensions: 66 x 40 x 7 mm includes: 2 tags (1 card , 1 fob)

VELLEMAN DC-DC Adjustable Voltage Step-down Module LM2596S, VMA404

input voltage: 3 to 40 VDC Output Voltage: 1.25 to 35 VDC max. input current: 2.5 A Chip: LM2596S dimensions: 49 x 26 x 12 mm

VELLEMAN DC-DC Voltage Boost Module 2 pack, VMA403

Input Voltage range: 2.5 to 5 VDC Output Voltage: 5 VDC Connection: solder pads dimensions: 34 x 16 x 8 mm

VELLEMAN DC-DC Voltage Step-up Module LM2577, VMA402

input voltage: 3.5 to 35 VDC Output Voltage: 5 to 55 VDC (adjustable) max. input current: 3 A Continous input current: 2 A Chip: LM2577 dimensions: 43 x 30 x 12 mm

VELLEMAN Temperature Sensor Module 2 pack, VMA320

NTC type: NTC-MF52 3950 temperature range: -55 °C to 125 °C accuracy: +/- 0.5°C pull-up resistor: provided, 10 KOhm connection: 3 pin, (+) 5V , (-) ground, (S) analogue output dimensions: 20 x 15 x 5 mm

VELLEMAN RGB LED Modules 2 pack, VMA318

Power Dissipation: R 60mW, G 95mW, B 95mW Peak Forward Current (0,1ms Pulse Width): 100 mA for each colour continous forward current: 25 mA for each LED max. reverse voltage: 5 V operating temperature: -40 °C to 80 °C dimensions: 28 x 15 x 5 mm Common: Cathode (-) Attention: Current has to be limited by using resistors.

VELLEMAN IR Receiver 2 pack, VMA317

Photo detector and preamplifier in one package internal filter for PCM frequency inner shield, good anti-interference ability high immunity against ambient light Improved shielding against electric field disturbance 3.0 V or 5.0 V supply voltage, low power consumption TTL and CMOS compatibility Specifications: Supply Voltage: 3 to 5 VDC max. supply current: 1.5 mA B.P.F. center frequency: 37.9 KHz dimensions: 28 x 15 x 10 mm

VELLEMAN IR Transmitter Modules 2 pack, VMA316

max. current: 20 mA 940nm wavelength Connection: 3 pins, only GND (-) and S is used weight: 2 g dimensions: 35 x 15 x 8 mm Attention: There is no current limiting resistor on the module.

VELLEMAN PIR Sensor Module, VMA314

Voltage: 5 VDC connection: 3 pin: GND, VCC and OUT adjustments: sensitivity and delay (by trimmer) delay time: 0.3 to 18 s output level: high = 3 V, Low = 0 V max. sensor distance: 7 m operating temperature: -15 to +70°C detection angle: 120 ° dimensions: 32 x 24 x 25 mm

VELLEMAN 40kHz Ultrasonic Transducer Transmitter, MA40A5S

description: ultrasonic transducer - transmitter max. input voltage: 20Vrms operating temperature: -4°F to +185°F range: 0.6 to 20ft nominal frequency: 40kHz sensitivity: -67dB min. sound pressure: 112dB min.

VELLEMAN Li-ion Battery Charger Board Mini Module, MM104

power supply: 5 V possible power supplies: common power supplies such as a compactphotovoltiac panel or even from a computer USB port can be used to charge a single 3.7 V Li-ion element

VELLEMAN MIni Relay Board - 5V, MM105

Compatible with Arduino development boards Converts digital signal to relay 1 A contact

VELLEMAN Arduino Compatible Vibration / Shock Switch Module - 2pk, VMA312

Voltage: 5 VDC connection: 3 pins, +(middle pin), ground and DO (data out) size: 25 x 15 mm weight: 2 g

VELLEMAN 3 x 4 Matrix Keypad for Arduino, VMA300

dimensions: 2.76" x 3.03" x 0.04" (7 x 7.7 x 0.1 cm) connection : 3 col - 4 row, 7 pin connection cable length: 3.54" (9 cm) weight: 0.22 oz. (6.25 g) Library : keypad.h

VELLEMAN FM/RDS Receiver Mini Module, MM100

FM/RDS receiver mini module small size RDS/RBDS support volume control automatic frequency control automatic gain control connector pitch matches standard breadboard pitch line level analog output Arduino® library available interface: 2-wire or 3-wire FM range: worldwide FM support power/Logic level: 3.3 V max. current: 20 mA sensitivity: 1.7 µ Vemf dimensions: 23 x 15 mm (ca. 0.9 x 0.59 inch)

VELLEMAN Allbot Sensor Pack, VR002

temperature (VR002T): ranges: 3 ranges - selectable with switch (-25.6/32 °F), (32/89.6 °F), (89.6/147.2 °F) output: 0 to 3.3 V power supply: 5 VDC 2 x light (VR002L): ranges: 3 ranges - selectable with switch output: 0 to 3.3 V power supply: 5 VDC sound (VR002S): sensitivity: adjustable with trimmer output: 0 to 3 V power supply: 5 VDC

VELLEMAN Universal Timer Module with USB Interface, VM206

Power supply: 12 VDC (100 mA max.) Relay output: 8 A / 250 VAC max. Minimum event time: 100 ms Maximum event time: 1000 h (over 41 days) Dimensions: 68mm x 56mm x 20 mm (2.6" x 2.2" x 0.8") 10 operating modes: Toggle mode Start/stop timer Staircase timer Trigger-at-release timer Timer with turn on delay Timer with turn off delay Single shot timer Pulse-pause timer Pause-pulse timer Custom sequence timer

VELLEMAN 1 Second to 60 Hour Pulse-Pause Timer Module, VM188

Power supply: 12-24VDC Relay contact: 16A/230VAC max. Dimensions: 3.15" x 1.78" x 0.86"

VELLEMAN Start Stop Timer (1s 60h), VM141

Power supply: 12VDC / 100mA Dimensions: 2.8 x 1.8 x 0.8" Front panel moutable

VELLEMAN IR Remote Checker Module, VM139

The easy way to check your IR remote for proper operation Four flashing LEDs indicate remote operation Low power consumption Power supply: 9V battery (not included) Dimensions: 2.2 x 1.2 x 1.32"

VELLEMAN Adjustable Interval Timer Module, VM136

Output relay with NO / NC contact: 3A Pulse time adjustable: between 0.5 and 5s Pause time adjustable: between 2.5 and 60s Power supply: 12Vdc / 100mA Dimensions: 1.6 x 3.4"

VELLEMAN 7 Watt Mono Audio Amplifier, VM114

Music power output: 7W / 4ohm Output: 3.5Wrms / 4ohm or 2Wrms / 8ohm Total harmonic distortion: 0.05% (1W / 1kHz) Overload and short-circuit protected Supply voltage: 15V DC (8 to 18V DC possible) / 0.5A Dimensions: 2.2 x 1.4"

VELLEMAN Piezo Electric Ceramic Buzzer 30VAC 1.5mA, TV4

Tone type: piezo speaker Operating voltage: 30Vac Rated voltage: 15Vac Current consumption: 1.5mA Resonant frequency: 0.5-20 ± 0.5kHz Sound pressure level: 75dB Connector type: leads Body color: metal Weight: 0.11oz

VELLEMAN Piezo Transducer 5VAC 4.0khz 85db lead type, TV1

tone type: external drive operating voltage: 3-28Vac rated voltage: 5Vac current consumption: 1.5mA resonant frequency: 4.0 ± 0.5kHz sound pressure level: 85dB connector type: leads body colour: black weight: 0.14oz

VELLEMAN Mini PIR Motion Sensor (120V), PIR415U

switch type: relay detection angle: 100° detection range: 26 ft. rated load: load, 150W fluorescent load (120V) power supply: 120 V/50 - 60 Hz working temperature: 14 °F - 104 °F working humidity: < 93 % RH time-delay switch: 5 s, 30 s, 1 min, 3 min, 5 min, 8 min light control: < 3 lx to 2000 lx dimensions: visible part: Ø55/64" x 25/64" hidden part (controller): 2 11/64" x 1" x 1 3/8" weight: 1.44 oz. with automatic day/night identification light sensitivity and ON-time adjustable

VELLEMAN Peltier Thermo-electric Cooling Module 6A/15.4V/DELTA 152.6F, PELTIER2

I max.: 6.0A delta T max.: 152.6°F voltage: 15.4V Q max.: 51.4W number of couples: 127 Melcor type: CP1.4-127-06L dimensions: 1.6" x 1.6" x 0.15" weight: 0.77oz

VELLEMAN Peltier Thermo-electric Cooling Module 3A/15.4V/DELTA 149F, PELTIER1

Melcor type: CP1.0-127-06L I max.: 3A delta T max.: 149°F voltage: 15.4V Q max.: 25.7W number of couples: 127 dimensions: 1.2" x 1.2" x 0.14" weight: 0.42oz