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VELLEMAN FM/RDS Receiver Mini Module, MM100

FM/RDS receiver mini module small size RDS/RBDS support volume control automatic frequency control automatic gain control connector pitch matches standard breadboard pitch line level analog output Arduino® library available interface: 2-wire or 3-wire FM range: worldwide FM support power/Logic level: 3.3 V max. current: 20 mA sensitivity: 1.7 µ Vemf dimensions: 23 x 15 mm (ca. 0.9 x 0.59 inch)

OSEPP Humidity and Moisture Breakout, MHUM-01

100% Arduino Compatible Operating voltage: 3V – 5V MAX analog pin interface for moisture sensor DHT11 humidity sensor 20-80% humidity readings with 5% accuracy 0-50°C temperature readings ±2°C accuracy

SPARKFUN Force Sensitive Resistor 0.5", SEN-09375

Dimensions: Overall length: 2.375" Overall width: 0.75" Sensing diameter: 0.5"

OSEPP IR Line Sensor Module, LINE-01

Plug and play with OSEPP IC Expansion Shield Two IR sensors per board with independent outputs Flexible blackness threshold that can be set via software setting 8-bit ADC for digitizing sensor output, sample rate up to IC frequency Support IC interfacing with 4 programmable 7-bit address: 0x48, 0x49, 0x4A, 0x4B Provides pass-through connector to support daisy chaining of multiple sensors from the OSEPP Sensor Module family Provides 0.1 breakout points for power and IC interface pins access

VELLEMAN 5VDC Relay Module, VMA406

Operating Voltage: 5 VDC relay current rating: 10 A at 250 VAC, 10 A at 30 VDC (non inductive) relay contact: C, NO, NC connection: GND, +5 VDC, control input (5 to 12 VDC) dimensions: 40 x 27 x 18 mm

VELLEMAN 8 Channel Relay Module, VMA436

standard interface that can be controlled directly by any microcontroller opto-isolated inputs indicator LEDs for relay output status control input current (in1 to in4): 5 - 25 mA control input voltage: 5 - 12 VDC relay output: 250 VAC 10 A; 30 VDC 10 A (non-inductive) dimensions: 57 x 138 mm operating voltage: 5 V

VELLEMAN IR Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module, VMA330

operating voltage: 3.3 V to 5 V Output: Digital (On/Off) Detection threshold: Adjustable by 2 trimmers distance range: 2 to 10 cm adjustment R6: frequency adjustment 38 KHz (already optimised) adjustment R5: IR LED power adjustment (already optimised) Operating temperature: -10°C to +50°C Effective angle: 35° I/O interface: 4 wire interface (- / + / S / EN ) dimensions: 45 x 16 x 10 mm weight: 9 g

VELLEMAN Hall Effect Modules 2 pack, VMA313

Voltage: 5 VDC connection: 3 pins, +(middle pin), ground and S (data out) output (S): Schmitt Trigger, Active Low Activation: 30 Gauss Deactivation: 10 Gauss LED indicator: ON when activated size: 25 x 15 mm weight: 2 g

VELLEMAN Current Sensor ACS712 Module - 20A, VMA323

supply voltage: 5 VDC measurement range: -20 to +20 A Output Voltage: VCC/2 at no load scale factor: 100 mV per A dimensions: 31 x 13 x 12 mm

VELLEMAN Temperature Probe DS18B20 & Arduino Compatible, VMA324

DS18B20 specs: unique 1-wire interface requires only one port pin for communication Multidrop capability simplifies distributed temperature sensing applications Requires no external components can be powered from data line, power supply range is 3.0 V to 5.5 V Zero standby power required measures temperatures from -55°C to +125°C (Fahrenheit equivalent -67°F to +257°F) ± 0.5°C accuracy from -10°C to +85°C Thermometer resolution is programmable from 9 to 12 bits Converts 12-bit temperature to digital word in 750 ms (max.) user-definable, non-volatile temperature alarm settings Alarm search command identifies and addresses devices whose temperature is outside of programmed limits (temperature alarm condition) 3-wire adaptor for Arduino included dimensions stainless steel tube: diameter: 6 mm length: 30 mm dimensions cable: diameter: 4 mm length: 36" (91 cm) connections: red: 3-5 V black: ground yellow: data

VELLEMAN Color Sensor TCS3200 Module, VMA325

high resolution conversion of light intensity to frequency programmable colour and full scale output frequency Communicates Directly With a Microcontroller single supply operation (2.7 V to 5.5 V) Power Down Feature non-linearity error typically 0.2% at 50 kHz Stable 200 ppm/°C Temperature Coefficient S0-S1: Output frequency scaling selection inputs S2-S3: Photodiode type selection inputs Out Pin: Output frequency OE Pin: Output frequency enable pin (active low), can be impending when using

VELLEMAN Line Tracking Sensor TCRT5000 Module, VMA326

Sensor adopts TCRT5000, high sensitivity Sensitivity adjustable by potentiometer working voltage: 3.3 V - 5 V operating current: 20 mA Digital switch output (0 and 1) Has 2 fixed bolt holes, convenient installation small board PCB size: 42 x 10.5 mm Power indicator light (red) and digital switch output indicator light (green) detection reflection distance: 1 mm - 25 mm

VELLEMAN End-Stop Switch Module 2pk, VMA327

robot bump switch end stop switch that can be used for many purposes mounts on your robot project or 3d printer mechanical limit switch acts as a bump stop sensor 2 mounting holes on the board operating voltage: 5 V connection: 3 pins, VCC = 5 V, GND and OUT dimensions: 25 x 15 mm weight: 4 g

VELLEMAN UV Light Sensor GUVA-S12SD Module, VMA328

operating voltage: 3.3 V to 5 V output voltage: 0 V to 1 V (0-10 UV index) response time: 0.5 second accuracy: +/- 1 UV index radiation wavelength: 200-370 nm Operating Temperature: -20 °C to +85 °C current consumption: 5 mA dimensions: 24 x 15 mm

VELLEMAN Fingerprint Sensor ZFM-708, VMA329

power: DC 3.8 V to 7.0 V Back Light: Green Baud rate : (9600 x N)bps, N=1-12 (default N=6) image acquiring time: <0.5 s Finger prints storage capacity: 1000 False Acceptance Rate: 0.001% (at Security level 3) False Reject Rate: 1.0% (Security level 3) Interface: TTL serial operating current (max.): 95 mA Average searching time: 1 s working temperature: -20 - +50 ? outline dimensions: 54 x 20 x 20.5 mm

VELLEMAN 4 Channel Relay Module, VMA400

Standard interface that can be controlled directly by any microcontroller Opto-isolated inputs indicator LEDs for relay output status Specifications: control input current (in1 to in4): 15 - 20 mA Control input Voltage: 5 - 12 VDC relay output: 250 VAC 10 A, 30 VDC 10 A (non-inductive)