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TRIPLETT Sniff-It 2 Non-contact Voltage Detector, 9601 TRIP

  • Detects AC Voltage without making contact
  • Variable Sensitivity, from 5 to 600 Volts AC
  • Light flashes & beeper chirps when AC voltage is present
  • Flashes & Beeps faster as AC voltage is approached
  • Economical, Non-Contact probe is safe and simple to use
  • Pocket-Sized
  • Power Beeper Reminder
  • A23 Battery Included


TRIPLETT Sniff-It Jr Non-contact Voltage Detector, 9604

  • Detects AC Voltage without making contact
  • Sensitivity, from 50 to 600 Volts AC
  • Light flashes & beeper chirps when AC voltage is present
  • Flashes & Beeps faster as AC voltage is approached
  • Pocket-Sized
  • LED headlight
  • Dual color flashing tip
  • CAT III & CAT IV rated
  • A23 Battery Included


TRIPLETT Plug-Bug 2 GFCI Receptacle Tester, 9610

  • For use on 110~125 VAC receptacles
  • Detects common wiring problems in standard and (GFCI) Ground Fault
  • Circuit Interrupter outlets
  • To test, simply plug into receptacle and observe the light pattern
  • Push the yellow button to test operation of ground fault receptacle
  • GFCI Test in Progress LED Indicator


P3 International Kill A Watt, P4400


• Large LCD display
• Cumulative Kilowatt-Hour Monitor
• Forecast Your Costs
• Also display Volts, Amps, Watts, Hz, VA
• 0.2% Accuracy

Sale TRIPLETT Fox & Hound HotWire

TRIPLETT Fox & Hound HotWire, 3388

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  • Live Wire Circuit Tracing Kit w/ Carrying Case
  • Toner and Probe included

FLIR Non-Contact Voltage Detector + Worklight, VP50



  • Uses a low-profile probe tip that gets the sensor closer to electrical sources and enhanced sensitivity to help detect voltage in the latest safety outlets.
  • Intense (60-lumen) LED flashlight illuminates dimly lit locations - dual-LED convenience light at the probe tip lights up inspection targets.
  • Multi-color flashing LEDs and vibration alarms make it harder to miss the presence of voltage (up to 1000V) in noisy environments.
  • Detect voltage in electrical systems in large industrial facilities, residential low voltage installations, and systems located behind obstructions (using High Sensitivity mode).
  • Anti-roll case design and extruded grip reduces likelihood of drops, and features such as delayed start up, auto power off, and low battery indicator maximize battery life.
  • Robust battery door and pocket clip design is engineered for long product life cycles, and the low profile detection tip bolsters a common weak point.

EXTECH Electrical Test Kit: Digital Multimeter, NCV Detector and Outlet Tester, MN24-KIT

  • Kit includes:
    • MN24 - Manual Ranging CAT II-600V MiniTec and trade; MultiMeter with 7 functions including 1.5V and 9V Battery tests under load
    • 40130 - Non-Contact Voltage Detector. Detects AC Voltage from 100VAC to 600VAC without touching the source
    • ET15 - Receptacle Tester for detecting faulty wiring in 3-wire receptacles and five wiring faults