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VELLEMAN 2.4GHz High Resolution Frequency Counter, DVM13MFC2U

8-digits green LED display with annunciators two-channel operating mode memory adjustable range and gate time high-safety design as per IEC 1010, cat. II frequency range: 0.01Hz - 2.4GHz accuracy: time base error x frequency ± 1 digit gate time: 100 msec - 10 sec input characteristics: channel A: frequency range: DC couple : 0.01Hz to 100HZ AC couple: 100Hz to 50Mhz sensitivity: 80mVrms impedance: 1 Mohms max. input voltage: 30V channel B: frequency range: from 50Mhz to 2.4Ghz sensitivity: 50mVrms impedance: 50 ohms max. input voltage: 3V power supply: 110-220VAC ± 10% max. consumption: 5W dimensions: 10 3/5" x 8 1/2" x 3 9/10"