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EXTECH Pocket Size Anemometer, AN10

Measures air velocity: 80 to 3936ft/min, 1.1 to 20 m/s, 0.8 to 72km/h, 0.9 to 45mph, 0.8 to 39 knots Pocket-sized housing with easy one-button operation Large, backlit LCD display Double-molded side grip Tripod mount (tripod not included) Complete with 9V battery

EXTECH Capacitance Decade Box, 380405

Durable construction Case may be grounded separately 3 binding posts permit isolated substitutions 5% Capacitance substitution from 100pF to 11,111µF Excellent for circuit development Five decade ranges of capacitance

EXTECH Resistance Decade Box, 380400

Durable construction Case may be grounded separately 3 binding posts permit isolated substitutions 1% Resistance substitution from 1 to 11,111,110Ω Seven decade ranges of resistance Values can be set in 1Ω increments

FLUKE Thermocouple Module Type K, 80TK

Converts a DMM to a thermometer For use with type-K thermocouples in low voltage applications (below 24 V AC, 60 V DC) Measurement range: -50 to 1000°C (probe dependent)

FLUKE Thermocouple Extension Kit Type K, 80PK-EXT

Extending and repairing K-type thermocouple wires Kit includes 3 meters of thermocouple wire and 1 pair of male/female mini-connectors Maximum continuous exposure temperature: 260ºC 80PK-EXT is compatible with K-type thermometers

EXTECH Stopwatch/Clock with Backlit Display, 365515

1/100th second resolution for 30 minutes Timing capacity: 23hrs, 59mins, and 59.99secs; Basic accuracy: ±3 seconds/day Calendar displays day, month and date

EXTECH Handheld Digital Luggage Scale, SC50

Battery-Operated Portable Scale for Items That Won't Fit on a Flat Floor Scale Ideal for home, sports, and industrial use 1.6" color LCD with 0.5" digits provides Weight and Tare indication Measure up to 110lbs/50kg with 0.01lb (0.01kg) resolution Simple touchscreen Zero and Tare programming Automatic 30 seconds Data Hold Auto Power Off in 30 seconds Overload indicator Complete with CR2032 battery, 9.4" (238mm) strap, and metal hook

EXTECH Thermo-Pedometer, PD20

Pocket-Size Pedometer with 3D Sensor For Detecting Motion Regardless of Orientation 3D motion sensor design allows for the meter to be fully functional regardless of its orientation Uses an intelligent algorithm to filter out non-walking movements Functions: Number of Steps: 0 to 99999 (adjustable step length) Temperature: 14 to 122°F (-10 to 50°C) Calorie consumption: 0 to 99999kcal Fat burned: 0 to 35.9oz (0 to 999.9g) Distance covered: 0 to 624.99mi (0 to 999.99 km) Time: 12/24 hour format Average speed: 0 to 6.25mph (0 to 10km/h)

EXTECH Digital Mini Microscope, MC108

Capture and download up to 60 jpg images (320x240 pixels) to your PC 1.8" TFT Color LCD Screen with 2MB Memory 7x to 108x magnification range:Three white LEDs with adjustable brightness for object illumination Optical zoom: 7x to 27x Digital zoom: 4x 5 Image Effect modes: Normal, Gray, Inverse, Emboss, and Dual Window View Dual Window View simultaneously displays the magnified image next to the original image Real-time imaging on your PC screen via USB interface and included software Includes microscope stand for hands-free viewing Comes with Windows®-compatible software and mini USB cable

EXTECH Gas Leak Detector, FG100

Fast response detection of gas leakage Detects combustible gases - Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Liquefied Propane Gas (LPG) from 500 to 6500ppm Highly sensitive detection circuitry Audible and visual alarm Continuous operation up to 4 hours LED indicators for gas leakage and static absorption

EXTECH GFCI and AC Circuit Analyzer, CT70

AC outlet load handling capabilities plus Outlet Tester functions Selectable loads of 12 15 and 20 Amps Measures loaded and unloaded AC Line Voltage Calculates and displays % Voltage Drop and Line Impedance Displays Peak Line Voltage and Frequency

EXTECH Mini Laser Photo Tachometer Counter, 461920

Laser Light Source used for greater accuracy and longer measuring distance Make non-contact RPM measurements of rotating objects Use reflective tape on object to be measured and point the integral laser Large 5 digit LCD display with backlighting Memory button for Last/MAX/MIN readings Counter function counts up to 99,999 revolutions Rugged, double molded housing

EXTECH Mini Thermo-Anemometer, 45118

Waterproof pocket size with Air Velocity, Temperature and Windchill Display Air Velocity and Temperature or Windchill Selectable averaging function of 5, 10, or 13 second intervals Fold up protective housing extends to 9" (229mm) for better reach Tripod mount Data Hold with Auto power off

EXTECH Decimal Stopwatch/Clock, 365535

Water resistant decimal stopwatch/clock with user-selectable resolutions User-selectable resolutions of 1/100 of a second, 1/1000 of a minute and 1/100,000 of an hour Large triple display with adjustable contrast 500 memory records of Split and Lap times Calendar displays day, month and date Time of day (12 or 24 hour format) with daily alarm 3 Mode Countdown timer: count down stop, count down repeat, count down then count up Stroke measurement Pacer from 5 to 240 beeps per minute Complete with CR2032 lithium battery and 39in (1m) neckstrap

P3 International Kill A Watt, P4400

• Large LCD display• Cumulative Kilowatt-Hour Monitor• Forecast Your Costs• Also display Volts, Amps, Watts, Hz, VA• 0.2% Accuracy