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KLEIN All-Purpose Pliers with Crimper, J207-8CR

Strips 10-18 AWG Solid Wire 12-20 AWG Stranded Wire Crimps non-insulated connectors, lugs and terminals

ECLIPSE Flat Cable IDC Crimper, 300-011

For crimping IDC-type of connectors onto flat cables Application: DC-type connectors Height: 6mm~27.5mm Width(Max): 55mm Overall Length: 240/9.4

ECLIPSE Ratcheted Crimper for Non-Insulated terminals AWG 22-6, CP-251B

AWG 22-6 Energy saving ratcheting crimper designed for non-insulated Terminals High leverage handles, compound action mechanism provide superior mechanical advantage. The accurate crimping mold and self locking / releasing mechanical unit design ensure high crimping quality when crimping repeatedly. Made of S50C high quality carbon steel with black oxide finish for anti-rust Ergonomically shaped non-slip TPR handle with eyelet design for user comfort and easy storage. OAL: 9.65"

ECLIPSE Pin Extractor .106" OD .085" ID, 902-395

Pin Extractor,2.7mm OD, 2.15mm ID Designed for use with various connectors such as MOLEX, AMP, TYCO, etc

Crimping Tool: 0.1-1.0 mm Capacity, 16-28 AWG, 1928

Crimps both male and female versions of:  Tamiya connector crimp pins & sockets Mini Tamiy connector crimp pins & sockets JST RCY connector crimp pins JR crimp pins Futabe J crimp pins and crimp pins for 0.1" housings For 16-28 AWG wires The crimping die has a width of 7 mm, The tool offers ratcheting action for increased consistency and ease of use

ECLIPSE Terminal Crimp Kit with Ratcheting Crimper, 500-037

Ratcheted Crimper Ring insulated Terminal (22-16 AWG & Stud size: #6 ) X 50 pcs Ring insulated Terminal (16-14 AWG & Stud size : #8) X 40 pcs Ring insulated Terminal (12-10 AWG & Stud size : #10) X 20 pcs Butt Splice insulated (22-16 AWG) x 30 pcs Butt Splice insulated (16-14 AWG) x 20 pcs Butt Splice insulated (12-10 AWG) x 15 pcs

GREENLEE Crimper with 22-10AWG Insulated Terminal Die, PA8021

Cable Type : Insulated Terminals And Lugs Connection : Solid Or Stranded Wire, 22-10AWG (0.340 - 6.000 SQ-MM) Crimping Range : 12-10 AWG (Yellow), 16-14 AWG (Blue), 22-18 AWG (Red), (6.000 - 4.000/2.500 - 1.500/0.340- 0.750 SQ-MM)

ECLIPSE Crimper Pliers for Telecom Splices, 100-008

UY, UG & UR connectors Built-in stop to protect against over crimping Side cutter Insulated handles

ECLIPSE Crimper for Wire Ferrules 12-20 AWG, 300-149

For Insulated and Non-Insulated Wire Ferrules and AWG20-12 wire 45° ± 3°

ECLIPSE Heavy Duty Crimping Tool for AWG 8 to 250 MCM, 300-107

Two capacity plates-Aluminum and copper Crimps terminals from AWG 8 to 250 MCM Adjustable w/ knob on top of tool Overall length 22.5"

ECLIPSE Plier Type Crimper for Wire Ferrules, 300-016

Comfortable ergonomic PVC handle Application: Non-insulated wire ferrules AWG 23/22/20/18/17/15/13 , 0.25/ 0.34/0.5/ 0.75/1.0/1.5/2.5mm2 Overall Length: 160/6.3

WIHA Soft Grip Ferrule Crimping Pliers, 32604

High Quality forged C70 Tool Steel Induction Hardened Cutting Edges and Jaws Soft Vinyl Grip Handles are Oil and Solvent Resistant For End Ferrule Crimps

ECLIPSE Ratcheted Crimper for Red/Blue/Yellow Term, 300-002

Ratcheted Crimper for Red/Blue/Yellow Terminals Application: Red, Yellow, Blue Insulated terminals Nylon and Vinyl Crimp Size:  AWG 22-18/ 16-14/ 12-10

ECLIPSE Non-Insulated terminal Crimper AWG 8-2, CP-351B

Application: AWG 8-2 Non-Insulated terminals Energy saving ratcheting crimper designed for non-insulated Spade/Ring Terminals High leverage handles, compound action mechanism provide superior mechanical advantage. The accurate crimping mold and self locking / releasing mechanical unit design ensure high crimping quality when crimping repeatedly. Made of high quality carbon steel with black oxide finish for anti-rust Ergonomically shaped non-slip TPR handle for user comfort OAL: 13.78"

PHILMORE Heavy Duty Cut and Crimp Tool, 63-601

Cuts #10 - 22 AWG Wire Crimps Insulated and Uninsulated terminals

ECLIPSE Closed Barrel Contact 4-indent Crimper..AWG 12-20, CP-463

For use on solid barrel type (screw machine) contacts used in RS232 style connectors Ergonomic handle design provides low-effort operation Superior pull strength results High quality crimping standard ensures repetitive, reliable crimping action 4-way indent crimper for AWG 12-20 D-sub contacts Adjustable pin height locator

ECLIPSE 7" Cutter/Stripper/Crimper, CP-415

Versatile 7-inch wire cutter/stripper/crimper. Scissors-action, up-front wire cutting and wire stripping. Pliers-style nose allows pulling and looping wire. Red cushion grip handle provides maximum leverage (TPR). Quick lock protects precision cutting surfaces when not in use. Pivot point design assures greater joint strength and adds easy, precise adjustment capability.

ECLIPSE All-in-One Crimper/Stripper Tool, 100-002

This crimper is for generic red, blue & yellow insulated and non-insulated terminals Strips: AWG 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20-22 Cut Bolts: 4-40, 6-32, 8-32, 10-24, 10-32 Crimps Insulated: AWG 22-18, 16-14, 12-10 Crimps Non-Insulated: AWG 22-18, 16-14, 12-10

PHILMORE High Density D-Sub Crimp Tool, 63-603

Used for high density D-Sub crimp contacts Also works with crimp type locking connectors

PHILMORE Ratchet Crimp Tool for .062/.093 Contacts, 61-394

Crimps male pins and female sockets For .062" and .093" diameter Works for the 61-xxx series connectors

GREENLEE Pro-Grip D-Sub 8-Indent Crimper 26-20AWG, PA1462

Adjustable pin height locator Cushion grips for comfort Type : D Sub 8 Indent

ECLIPSE Ratched Crimper Frame only with Die Screws, 902-085

Frame only does not include die Compatible with all our ProsKits dies and compatible with all our Paladin dies

GREENLEE Crimper 1300 Tool Frame, PA1302

Fully-ratcheting cycle with built-in safety release Interchangeable die sets of heat-treated steel for long life Easy to use and maintain Available as complete tool with die set inserted or separate tool frame and individual die sets Foam-lined case available to hold frame and 6 die sets together EZI-Change™ die screws make changing dies quick and easy - no screwdriver required Most precise and tightest tolerances on die sets in the industry Six ratchet gear setting sfor optimum crimp performance

ECLIPSE Ratched Coax Crimper for RG-58,59,62 AU BNC & TNC, 300-019

RG58, 59 and 62 AU, BNC and TNC 3-piece connectors HEX .068", .213", .256" HEX 1.73, 5.41, 6.5mm

KLEIN Coax Explorer 2 with Remote Kit, VDV512-101

Tests coaxial cable and maps up to 4 locations with replaceable AAA batteries Simple push button operation for wire tracing on a compact tester that fits in your pocket Bright LEDs indicate cable status (good/open/short) and location of each cable Color-coded push-on remotes allow for up to four cables to be tested and mapped The test remotes and F-adapter conveniently snap into the remote holder for storage; the remote holder clips onto the tester Includes removable, snap-on remote holder, 4 color-coded push-on remotes, F adapter and batteries Uses 2 replaceable AAA batteries

ECLIPSE Ratchet Crimp Tool for LMR400 Hex size .118 and.429, 300-163

Crimps Amphenol connectors, Coaxial - Belden 7810A, 9913, 9914, LMR 400 HEX .429", .118" HEx 10.89, 3.00mm

GREENLEE Crimper for RG58/59/62AU BNC/TNC, PA1317

Cable Type : RG58, RG59, RG62AU Connection : BNC/TNC And 3 Piece Crimping Range : 0.256 IN (6.500 MM), 0.213 IN (5.400 MM), 0.068 IN (1.700 MM) Hex

GREENLEE Crimper with CATV/RG6 Quad Die, PA8012

Cable Type : RG6 And RG6 Quad, Belden 1694A Connection : BNC And CATV "F" Type And HDTV Crimping Range : 0.360 IN (9.100 MM), 0.324 IN (8.200 MM), 0.068 IN (1.700 MM) Hex

GEM Crimp Tool for 305-19TP, GET-305-12


GREENLEE Multi-Prep Tool for CATV "F" RG6, PA1928

Flares RG6 and RG6 quad cable types Flares shield braid back from the dielectric without nicking your fingers Attachment tool enables you to hold the connector comfortably to insert connector ontocable Extraction tool to assist in coupling connector to port or to assist in uncoupling from port Works with CATV "F" connectors