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VELLEMAN Extra Powerful Desoldering Pump 13.2", VTD2

Large Capacity Powerful, spring-loaded piston Easily remove unwanted solder with one handed operation

VELLEMAN Desoldering Pump with Anti Static Tip 7.5", VTD3

Vacuums solder and prevents electro static buildup Includes anti-static tip 7.5" long .8" diameter tip

ECLIPSE LCD Vacuum Desoldering Station, SS-331E

Microprocessor Controlled, provides accurate temperature control from 160 to 480°C. Ceramic heater provides fast heat up, fast recovery and high insulation resistance. High power desoldering tool with vacuum Designed with a quality heating element, it provides higher performance and longer lifetime than traditional type. Built-in high power 600mmHg air pump, particularly for lead-free desoldering of multilayer boards. Efficient operation, quick and easy Ergonomically friendly structure allows one hand operation, only takes a few seconds per pin, more safe, efficient and comfortable. Large LCD display Quick and easy to set the desired temperature and check the actual temperature. Fahrenheit or Celsius unit selection.