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VELLEMAN Resistor and Axial Lead Bending Tool Kit, VTBEND1

four piece set make consistent accurate bends on axial component leads eliminates stress at the component/lead junction

ECLIPSE Long Pickup Tool with Magnet Tip, 902-255

Powerful magnet lifts 3.3lbs Ideal for home, shop, garage, work place etc

ECLIPSE Cable Installers Stapler for Insulated Staples, CP-391

All-in-one staple gun can be utilized in tacking flat cable or round cable Easy-to-change construction allows users to change the staple-guide-plates easily With spare replacement staples for future use Light weight ABS materials with dual colors design

ECLIPSE Mini Vacuum and Blower Cleaner, MS-C002

High speed RPM and easy-to-use handy vacuum cleaner with attachments for vacuum / blowing / brushing off dirt and dust Comes complete with an easy-empty dirt trap and storage pouch Uses gentle cordless electric vacuum power with crevice tool and brush attachments for cleaning in hard to reach places Runs on 4 AA batteries (not included)

ECLIPSE 12 in 1 Multi-function Tool, MS-526

Rugged stainless steel construction, corrosion-resistant. With nonslip rubber grip handle, more durable and comfortable. Comes with spring loaded long nose cutting pliers head. Folds to a compact pocket size that is convenient to take anywhere. With pouch bag for easy storage. Dimension: 6.10" Overall (not include knives) and 3.94" closed.

ECLIPSE 9 in 1 Multi-function Tool, MS-525

Made of stainless steel, rugged and corrosion-resistant. Anodized aluminum handles with nonslip grip, more durable and comfortable. Comes with spring loaded long nose cutting pliers head. Folds to a compact pocket size that is convenient to take anywhere. With pouch bag for easy storage. Dimension: 6.30" Overall (not including knives) and 3.94" closed.

ECLIPSE Telescopic Magnetic Pick-up Tool, MS-322

A handy chrome plated telescopic magnetic retrieving tool. The ideal for hard to reach working. Extension length: 6.69 - 21.26" Maximum pick-up:454g(1lb)

ECLIPSE 4 piece Open Repair Tool Set, MS-3176

Metal spudger tool (4.8") Metal Point-blade solder aid tools (6.1") Nylon Spudger solder aid tools (5.5") Nylon Fork-blade solder aid tools (6.8") Nylon

ECLIPSE 2.2" Diameter Blow Brush, MS-153C

Made by high quality PVC, soft touch and durable in use. Air inlet valve made by copper with chrome plated prevents air stream & leakage. Features a powerful blast of air to clean object efficiently. Ideal for cleaning camera lens, CCD Sensors, notebook, computer, TV game, communication equipment, traditional and electrical musical instruments, and precision optical equipment, etc.

ECLIPSE Battery Operated Glue Gun, GK-368

Cordless design, free from A/C power cords and dangerous dangling cords Convenience LED light allows for work in dark areas Closed viewing window for easy glue stick checking more constant temperature and dust free operation For ∅ 7.5mm glue sticks Perfect for toys and models, corkboards, DIY projects, school projects, quick repairs around the house, decorations, wood crafts and more.

ECLIPSE Staple Gun compatible with Arrow T50 Staples, CP-392

Easy-squeeze product works overtime as a staple gun, brad nailer, cable tacker and wire tacker. Fastens 3 different types of staples: flat crown staples, round crown staples and brad nails. Ideal for upholstery, wood working, ceiling tiles, rack & roofing. Adjustable punch force to match for different material hardness. Less force to squeeze and more driving power. Non-slip grip and quick jam release. Made of all carbon steel construction. Staple Specifications Flat crown staples 4-14mm (5/32"-9/16") 200 pcs/1box Round crown staples 10-12mm (3/8"-1/2") 200 pcs/1box Brad nails 10-14mm(3/8"-9/16") 200 pcs/1box Material: Carbon Steel

ECLIPSE Strain Relief Tool, 300-151

Cuts copper wires 12-30 AWG Strips copper wire 10-30 AWG Crimps non-insulated terminals AWG: 12-10, 16-14, 22-18 Scissors-action, up-front wire cutting and wire stripping Pliers-style nose allows pulling and looping wire Red cushion grip handle provides maximum leverage (TPR) Quick lock protects precision cutting surfaces when not in use Pivot point design assures greater joint strength and adds easy, precise adjustment capability

VANCO "F" Connector Removal Tool, 2206F

Helps remove or secure "F" connectors in tough to reach places

Eclipse Inspection MIrror 2" x 3", 900-103

2" X 3" Inspection Mirror All-angle ball joint mirrors with stainless steel mirror back Visual inspection of hidden areas


power supply: 10 W / 120 Vac power cord length: 4.75 ft temperature: 335 °F preheat time: 3-5 min includes 2 glue sticks 7mm x 100mm

Eclipse I-phone Kit 17 piece, SD-9314

17 pc Tool Kit is a professional, portable and complete kit Perfect fit for Apple products Allows opening of many other devices as well without any damage 12pcs bits made from high quality Cr-Mo-V Steel

INTELLINET Universal Modular Plug Crimping Tool, 211048

Crimps RJ45, RJ12 and RJ11 modular plugs Cuts and strips both round and flat cable

WIHA Magnetizer Demagnetizer, 40010

Instantly Magnetize or Demagnetize Steel Tools, Screwdrivers & Small Parts  (Works with items over 1.35" in length and 1/8" or 3mm diameter)  Uses Powerful C8 Permanent Industrial Ceramic Magnets No batteries or electrical required

ECLIPSE Mini Suction Pick-Up Cup, MS-161

ABS handle with TPR suction cap Comfortable grip and high suction capacity up to 24 lbs Easy to remove the glass-sheathed displays

METRO Disposable Filter Bags for MDV-1BA 5pk, DVP-26RP

Package of 5 disposable bags. For use with the following models: AM-12IDA AM-2B AM-4B AM-4BS AM-6B AM-6BS MDV-1BA VM12500 VM2B500 VM4B500 VM6B500

GREENLEE Multi-Prep Tool for CATV "F" RG6, PA1928

Flares RG6 and RG6 quad cable types Flares shield braid back from the dielectric without nicking your fingers Attachment tool enables you to hold the connector comfortably to insert connector ontocable Extraction tool to assist in coupling connector to port or to assist in uncoupling from port Works with CATV "F" connectors