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VELLEMAN Anti-Static Mat 19.7" X 23.6", AS5

PVC-latex material can be used as dissipative matting easy to clean and maintain material: PVC dimensions: 19.7" x 23.6" thickness: 0.08" with grounding cord surface resistivity: 10E9 - 10E11 ohm/m2 temperature resistance: max. 100°C (not resistant to soldering) charge decay: < 0.03 s

VELLEMAN Anti-Static Field Service Kit, AS9

provides a portable static-free work area for working with sensitive electronics in the field contents: mat with two connect points adjustable elastic wrist strap 10 ft coil cord (1 MOhm; resistor) 6 ft common point grounding cord with banana jack & clip 10 mm female snap optional elastic wrist strap: AS3 Specifications: mat dimensions: 23.62" x 23.62" thickness: 0.37 mm electrical properties: surface resistance: ± 108 - 1010 &Omega;/sq volume resistance: < 1010 &Omega;/cm RTT (point to point): ± 108 - 1010 &Omega; temperature resistance: max. 70 °C (not resistant to soldering)