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If you’re thinking of cutting the cord to the cable company check out the range of TV Antennas and Indoor TV antennas at “You-Do-It” Electronics Center. End cable TV hassles and get clear, reliable over-the-air TV broadcasts from your local television stations with indoor TV antennas. The process is simple: Determine where the local broadcast towers are located in your area, click on the station’s call letters to see where signals are coming from and point your TV Antenna in that direction. Check with “You-Do-It” Electronics Center for more information and best indoor TV antenna for your needs.
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TERK Indoor FM Antenna, FM-2000

Improves FM reception Installs easily; mounts on wall or sits on shelf Compatible with HD FM radio Impedance: FM: 75ohms Color: Black Band Frequency: FM 88 MHz - 108 MHz Included Accessories: Antenna, 75ohms transformer Reception Pattern: Omni-Directional (directional when placed horizontally)

RCA Indoor Amplified TV/FM Antenna, ANT1268

Receives TV broadcasting including 4K, and 1080 HDTV for highest-quality picture and sound Maximum signal reception 45 miles from the tower Including two extendable dipoles for for fine tuning signal recption An amplifier by pass switch enabling the antenna to be either amplified or non-amplified Led power indicator light  Frenquency range Low VHF 54-88 MHz / High VHF 174-220 MHz / UHF 470-698 MHz  6ft cable included