Arduino Day Exhibitor List

Saturday March 21, 2020 from 11am to 4pm

Kevin Osborn

For 30+ years, Kevin has been a software Engineer and Architect, both enterprise and embedded software from Atari 2600 Video games to Enterprise Java applications. He now specializes in new product development and prototyping, and teaching maker skills. He also develops open source hardware and blogs about his projects at

Boston Tech Mom

BostonTechMom is a resource for parents who want to inspire their children to explore and learn about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). BostonTechMom’s mission is to encourage kids to explore STEM at a young age and help parents find programs that will excite and motivate their children. BostonTechMom's website identifies events, programs and activities that expose children to technology in fun, engaging, and meaningful ways. The website emphasizes after-school programs and summer camps with a focus on computer programming, robotics, engineering, science, and other STEM subjects.   Visit their site

Empow Studios

It’s a known belief that the need for specialized skills in technology and computer science are ever-growing. Our goal is to empower kids to create projects that they are proud to share with family & friends. Empow Studios teaches kids to design, build, and code STEM projects in summer camp, after school, classes, and parties with computer science and engineering. To learn more about Empow Studios programs, please visit

Windsor Wildbots

The Winsor Wildbots is a first-year, FTC team. We are from The Winsor School, an all-girls school in Boston, MA. We are a group of individuals invested in STEM, building robots, and competing in competitions. Aside from the engineering aspect of our team, we are excited about team-building and community-building, meeting other teams, and learning more about outreach, business, and marketing. Wildbots will be demonstrating what our robot can do by driving it around and stacking foam cubes with it (a challenge from the FTC Relic Recovery Challenge competition). Additionally, we will describe the different parts of our robot, the materials we used, and our design process. For more info


GearTicks (FTC Team 6055 GearTicks, Lincoln MA). We are a group of middle and high school students that are part of a FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) robotics team.  We are in grades 7 to 11, ages 12 to 17 with members from 3 different schools. The majority of our members started out in FIRST Lego League (FLL) then graduated to FTC. Design software: PTC CREO, GrabCad, Solidworks; Programming software: Android Studio, GitHub; Team organization tools: Trello, Google Drive.  Showcasing: The GearTicks Velocity Vortex robot is always a crowd pleaser when it shows off its skills and dexterity by rapidly picking up and tossing 4” waffle balls with keen accuracy.  The team will also showcase a hands-on demonstration of their award winning vacuum system currently powering their Relic Recovery season robot which is final stages of improvements while the team makes ready for  the First World Championships in Detroit later this month! Visit their site

Expeditions to STEM

At Expeditions to STEM, we want to connect your standard classroom science and math classes to the world beyond them. To us, STEM is not a career field or classroom topic. It is the way in which we work togetherto come up with new ideas and solve problems in innovative ways. We aspire to create a pathway to allow all students to pursue their own unique STEM story and undertake an expedition to STEM.