Looking for ways to have your children learn while having fun? Look no further! We have a large selection and wide variety of hand-ons educational electronic kits for beginners or advanced skill sets. Spark their interest and continue learning from home. Many of the kits we offer include step by step learning guides to make following along easy and fun!

Happy To Announce We Now Carry...


We Also Want to Share and Support Other Great STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) Resources:

To help with online learning during these times for those who have Snap CircuitsElenco Electronics is offering their Student and Teachers Guides for free. Click Here to download them.

Empow Studios is offering virtual STEM programs. Click here for more details and to sign up! 

Boston Tech Mom site helps families to discover great STEM activities for kids in Massachusetts. Visit www.bostontechmom.com or Click Here to see a number of Boston-area companies providing online STEM instruction now.


Here our some of our STEM toy recommendations:

Elenco Electronic Snap Circuits have been a long time favorite of ours as well as extremely popular. It teaches basic engineering, electronics and circuitry concepts by using building components with snaps to assemble electronic circuits on a simple “rows-and-columns” base grid. The resulting projects function like the printed circuit board found in most electronic products. With over 20 different themes / activities to choose from its a sure hit with any child.
Elenco also has a newer line of kits called TEACH TECH™ which include robotic kits that explore renewable energy and coding.
TEACH TECH™ features robotic kits that explore renewable energy and coding! TEACH TECH™ follows the Learn By Doing® philosophy found in all of Elenco’s products. With TEACH TECH™, kids can enjoy hours of educational fun while boosting their confidence and critical thinking skills. Products in this line appeal to anyone who enjoys using their hands to build, tinker, and bring to life their creations with movement, coding, and programming. Forward-thinking kids can explore alternative energy with kits that highlight solar, hydraulic, or wind power.
OWI Robotics, one of the first brands we started carrying over thirty years ago, are manufacturers of STEM related products that cover various topics such as renewable energy sources, green technologies and robotics. From favorites such as Robotic Arms Edge to their new line up, we now added all we carry to our site. These kits create a path to learning real-world applications behind these fields of education and encouraging children to possibly embarking on a career in one of America’s future “STEM” jobs.
We are now also super excited to be carrying
Hex Bug & Vex Robotics, a brand of toy automatons that range from buildable playsets to popular battling robots. Intended as an entryway to STEM, these toys aim to curate an engineer's mentality through one of the most effective play patterns.
Science Wiz, a line of stem kits each with its own subject including multi page book and various activities in each. Teaching fundamental scientific concepts to children through hands-on play.
For people that want to learn about micro controllers / more in depth robotics
-Osepp Arduino Basic Start Kit is a great intro kit that includes 15 different projects, includes uno and parts
-Osepp STEM Block is an all-in-one integrated development environment (IDE), this is the ultimate tool for anyone to learning how to code. Whether you are in Elementary school, University, a parent, teacher, or a grandparent, you can learn to code in the Arduino language. Absolutely no experience required.
-Actobotics Zip Runt Rover Kit has all the components needed to build a zippy little line-following robot, making it great for getting started in robotics and programming. This plug and play kit includes an Arduino compatible board and commented sketch that users can modify to adjust the performance.
For learning about Raspberry Pi all you need to get started is:
- RaspberryPi SHOP NOW>>
- Basic learning kit SHOP NOW>>  
- A project starter guide book like Adventures in Raspberry Pi, 3rd Edition SHOP NOW>>
Learn to Solder
Soldering tools/must haves SHOP NOW>>
Soldering kits SHOP NOW>>