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NTE Silicon Bridge Rectifier 1.5A 600V, 5305

High Reverse Voltage to 1000V Surge Overload Ratings to 50A (Peak) Good for PC Board Assembly

NTE Single Phase Bridge Rectifier 4A 200V, 5309

Diffused Junction Low Forward Voltage Drop High Current Capability High Reliability High Surge Current Capability Ideal For Printed Circuit Boards

NTE Single Phase Bridge Rectifier 6A 600V, 5330

High Case Dielectric Strength of 1500VRMS Surge Overload Rating: 250A (Peak) Ideal for Printed Circuit Board Reliable Construction Utilizing Molded Plastic Technique 

ELENCO 80 piece Diode Assortment, DIOK-80

Contains an assortment of silicon, zener, germanium, bridge, and switching diodes 80 pieces total, 20 types Packaged in a cardboard organizer box