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VELLEMAN PIR Sensor Module, VMA314

Voltage: 5 VDC connection: 3 pin: GND, VCC and OUT adjustments: sensitivity and delay (by trimmer) delay time: 0.3 to 18 s output level: high = 3 V, Low = 0 V max. sensor distance: 7 m operating temperature: -15 to +70°C detection angle: 120 ° dimensions: 32 x 24 x 25 mm

OSEPP FTDI Breakout Board 3.3V / 5V Selectable, FTD-01

The pinout is designed to work with Arduino and compatible boards that do not have a built-in USB-to-serial converter, such as the Pro and Pro Mini. The pin VCC can be easily configured to be 3.3 or 5 V by placement of a jumper This allows the board to be used with boards that operate on either 3.3 or 5 V nominal voltage. Equipped with USB Mini Connector 

VELLEMAN Analog to Digital Converter Board - 5V, MM112

12 bit analog voltage to digital converter suitable for Arduino® resolution: 12 Bit power supply: between 2,7 Vdc and 5,5 Vdc protocol: I2C

VELLEMAN Digital to Analog Converter Board, MM110

converts digital to analog signal internal EEPROM allows to save the configurated input selectable address via the A0 jumper suitable for Arduino® power supply: 2,7 V to 5 V resolution: 12-bit communication protocol: I2C

VELLEMAN Super-Mini Digital Amplifier Board, VMA408

High amplification efficiency 85% can directly drive 4 ohm/8 ohm small speakers good sound quality & noise suppression Unique without LC filter class D digital power board Can use computer USB power supply directly Low THD+N protection mode: current-limiting Thermal Shutdown Operating Voltage: 2.5 to 5 VDC Connections: Solder connections Sound processor: PAM8403 dimensions: 0.9" x 0.63" x 0.08" (23 x 16 x 2 mm)

VELLEMAN Class D Audio Amplifier Stereo 2.8W, MM210

small size very efficient, ideal for battery powered applications comes with board-to-wire connectors connector pitch matches standard breadboard pitch presettable gain overload and short-circuit protections single supply max. output power: 2.8 W (4 Ohm) or 1.6 W (8 Ohm) power supply: 2.5 - 5 VDC max. current consumption: 3.2 A (4 Ohm) - 1.6 A (8 Ohm) default gain: 18 dB (8x) (adjustable) THD: 0.02% (1 W / 8 Ohm / 1 kHz) S/N ratio: 98 dB (1.4 W / 8 Ohm) shutdown current: 40 nA dimensions: 40 x 35 mm (1.6" x 1.4")