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THAMES & KOSMOS Science Advent Calendar, 661007

Celebrate the winter holiday season with science! This advent calendar includes 24 unique science experiments to do as kids count down the days to Christmas. Experiments are quick to execute and cover a variety of scientific topics related to chemistry, biology, and physics. Adds an educational twist to a fun, wholesome family tradition.  Most materials and tools included; additional materials are common household items.

THAMES & KOSMOS Geckobot, 620365T

Build 6 in 1 models Climbs smooth, vertical surfaces Experiment with the physics of air pressure and suction

THAMES & KOSMOS Smart Machines - Sidekick, 620395

Build, remotely control and program your own robot Easy, visual conding app with dozen of cool functions Includes components for a fun maze game

THAMES & KOSMOS KAI: The Artificial Intelligence Robot, 620392

Build your own six-legged robot from more than 100 pieces Collect data via your smart device's camera and microphone Train your AI model to more accurately recognize patterns in the data Control your robot remotely using gestures and sounds Remote-control mode allows you to manually control your robot Display emotions and messages on the robot’s LED face display Includes a lesson in creating your own AI using household items (paper and cups)

THAMES & KOSMOS Code & Control Dinosaur Robot Rex, 620397

Build a robotic T. rex dinosaur and wireless controller with Code+Control Technology Two control modes: direct remote control and programming Screen-free coding: No app or other devices required Includes lights, sounds, motors, and an infrared sensor Put REX in guardian mode to protect your bedroom from intruders

THAMES & KOSMOS Code & Control Robo Dozr, 620393

Build a robotic bulldozer and wireless controller Two control modes: Direct remote control and programming Screen-free coding: No app or other devices required Perform fun experiments with the robot to learn how it works

THAMES & KOSMOS Easy Electric Circuits, 550041

Learn about circuits, conductivity, voltage, current, motors, LEDs, switches, batteries and more Conduct 20 experiments with electric circuits and motorized mechanical devices

THAMES & KOSMOS Springbots: 3-in-1 Spring Powered Machines, 550038

3-in-1 engineering kit: build three self-powered models, then wind them up and watch them go!  Learn about potential and kinetic energy and how gears and springs function in different mechanical devices. Race car drives up to 45 feet. Robot walks on two legs, up to 20 inches. Timer counts down from up to 6 minutes. No batteries or electricity required

THAMES & KOSMOS Magnetic Science, 665050

Explore the invisible and amazing power of magnets! 33 engaging experiments and games.  Learn about magnetic poles and magnetic fields. Discover how Earth behaves like one giant magnet Build an electromagnet to learn how electricity relates to magnetism And More! Includes full-color, 48-page manual guides your experiments with illustrated step-by-step instructions.

THAMES & KOSMOS Motors & Generators, 665036

Conduct 25 experiments  Includes full-color, 48-page manual guides your experiments with step-by-step instructions.

ELENCO Electronic Playground 60-in-1 Experiments, EP-60

Build these exciting circuits: Finger touch lamp Magnetic bridge Voltmeter Morse code Alarm Electronic noisemaker Electronic kazoo Electronic keyboard AM Transistor radio Radio announcer Metal detector Learn about: Voltage Currents Resistors Capacitors Transistors Diodes Transformers Speakers Antennas

HEXBUG BattleBots Rivals 6.0 - Rusty vs Hypershot, 413-7904

Power up with the newest HEXBUG BattleBots - - Rivals 6.0! Featuring the latest designs from the 2021 Season… Rusty and HyperShock have joined the fight. With all-new features, these BattleBots are ready to level the battlefield! These bots are compatible with all BattleBots IR products. Battle up to four bots simultaneously with a multiple-channel controller (each sold separately). Knock your opponent’s armor off to win the battle, reattach the armor, and prepare for round two! IR control system Battle compatible with most existing IR robots Includes BattleBots Rusty and Hypershock 3 pop-off panels/parts per bot, simulating battle damage Multiple channels allow up to 4 robots to battle at the same time (each sold separately) Batteries included

HEXBUG Kraken Assortment, 409-7918

• IR remote controlled squirmy critter• LiPo battery and charging cable included• Life-like movements bring this creature to life• Soft, floppy rubber legs

THAMES & KOSMOS Smart Machines, 620375

Simple, fun intro to robotics Build 8 in 1 motorized machines Drive robots wirelessly with touchscreen interface Write programs to control the robots motors Use the ultrasonic sensor to command your robots to perform specific actions in response to their surroundings

THAMES & KOSMOS Smart Machines - Rovers & Vehicles, 620380

Simple, fun, and customizable introduction to robotics 8 motorized machines that focus on wheeled robots App controlled interface

THAMES & KOSMOS Mega Cyborg Hand, 620501

Build your own giant, wearable, adjustable hydraulic hand Pick up and hold large and small objects Adjust fingers and thumb for wide range of motion and gripping abilities

THAMES & KOSMOS Trainbots: 2-in-1 Steam Maker Kit, 550052

Build your own funky, steampunk-themed robots that emit a safe, cool steam that mimics a real-life locomotive. Two robots to choose from: a rolling train or a walking robot; move a few pieces to go back and forth between each configuration quickly and with ease. An LED light illuminates the water vapor for a dazzling steam engine effect. Includes an electric motor, circuit board, and ultrasonic atomizer that helps teach kids about ultrasonic and sound waves as well as phases of matter. Manual includes a fun, comic-book-style story that adds to the play value of the kit and brings the models to life.

THAMES & KOSMOS Remote Control Machines, 555004

Build and control robotic creations 10 different models, or build your own design!

THAMES & KOSMOS Electricity & Magnetism, 620417

60 plus electrifying experiments Learn about electricity and magnetism The components are specially designed to make learning fun and accessible The 64-page, full-color experiment manual guides you through experiments with easy-to-follow diagrams

THAMES & KOSMOS ReBotz Halfpipe - The Shredding Skater Robot, 552003

Fast and easy to build Demonstrates wheels, cams, and motors in action Powered by an electric motor Combine the parts from different ReBotz kits to build your own creations. Collect all 4!

THAMES & KOSMOS ReBotz Pogo - The Jammin Jumping Robot, 552002

Fast and easy to build Demonstrates cams, springs, and motors in action Powered by an electric motor Combine the parts from different ReBotz kits to build your own creations. Collect all 4!

THAMES & KOSMOS ReBotz Scootz - The Cranky Crawling Robot, 552001

Fast and easy to build Demonstrates cranks, cams, and motors in action Powered by an electric motor Combine the parts from different ReBotz kits to build your own creations. Collect all 4!

THAMES & KOSMOS Smart Machines - Tracks & Treads, 620382

Simple, fun, and customizable introduction to robotics 8 motorized machines that make use of continuous tracks App controlled interface

HEXBUG Rhino Beetle/Scarab Assortment, 409-7931

Beetle: Features bump sensor feelers Available in multiple colors Crawls and senses objects Two batteries included  Micro robotic creature Ages 8 years and up Scarab: Available in multiple colors to collect Autonomous high-speed bug Advance designed legs Batteries included Flips over by itself Fits in your hand If specific one is requested, when placing orders under notes, input specific color / style. We will do our best to accomodate your specification. Otherwise they will be choosen at random.

ELENCO Electronic Playground 50-in-1 Experiments, EP-50

Build over 50 electronic projects Learn about voltage, currents, resistors, capacitors, and much more For ages 10 and up. Batteries: 1-9V

ELENCO Snap Circuits Motion Kit, SCM-165

Over 50 parts and over 165 project to complete; all motion and physics focused Experiment with gears ratios using various gears and pulleys  Gain valuable lessons in assembly and following instructions Project manual includes large color illustrations and simple directions for projects No Tools Required No Soldering Required

Elenco Snap Circuits Light Kit, SCL-175

Contains over 55 parts Can build more than 175 projects No Tools required No Soldering required