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ELENCO Sound Control UFO Kit, EDU-62022

Simple assembly is required No remote control needed! Body, ionized cover, hatch, face, rear, wheel brakes, stickers NOTE: The box is used during operation. Please don’t throw it away

ELENCO Electronic Playground 50-in-1 Experiments, EP-50

Build over 50 electronic projects Learn about voltage, currents, resistors, capacitors, and much more For ages 10 and up. Batteries: 1-9V

ELENCO Snap Circuits Jr Select 130 Experiments, SC-130

No Soldering No Tools - It's a Snap. 133 projects clearly outlined in the color project manual 

ELENCO Snap Circuits 300 Experiments, SC-300

No tools required Includes Projects 1-305 manuals Includes all of the SC100 projects and 200 new ones!

ELENCO Snap Circuits 3D Illumination, SC-3DI

Exciting light effect 3-color light tunnel Projector with 6 cool images Mirrors and reflecting circuits Comes with over 50 parts With new parts like the vertical stabilizer, base grid stabilizer, and base grid support, you can build amazing 3D structures

ELENCO Snap Circuits 3D M.E.G., SC-3DMEG

Builds over 160 projects Includes over 60 parts Age Grade: 8+ 

ELENCO Snap Circuits 500 Experiments, SC-500

Includes all of the SC300 projects and 200 more! Includes Projects 1-511 manuals Build over 500 projects

Elenco Snap Circuits 750 Experiments, SC-750

No tools required No Soldering required Build over 500 projects

ELENCO Snap Circuits Snapino, SC-SNAPINO

Easy snap together parts for an introduction to Arduino CODE: Introduction to the open-source Arduino hardware-software coding environment PROTOTYPING: Snap Circuits® are easy to use and the large format component modules are easy to handle  COMPATIBLE: Compatible with other Snap Circuits® sets and Arduino compatible shields and components  INCLUDED: 1 Arduino UNO compatible Snapino Module - 6 Snap Circuit Modules - 3 Snap Wires - 1 Snap Jumper Wire - 1 Snap to Pin Wire - 1 USB Cable - 1 9 Volt Battery Holder  -  1 Manual - 9 volt battery needed but not included

ELENCO Snap Circuits STEM Kit, SC-STEM1

Builds over 85 projects Includes over 45 parts Age Grade:  8+ Requires (3) AA batteries - not included Parts include Meter, Electromagnets, Motor, Lamps, Switches, Compass, and LED and more

ELENCO Snap Circuits Arcade, SCA-200

30 Snap Modules included Can complete more than 200 projects

Elenco Snap Circuits Light Kit, SCL-175

Contains over 55 parts Can build more than 175 projects No Tools required No Soldering required

ELENCO Snap Circuits Motion Kit, SCM-165

Over 50 parts and over 165 project to complete; all motion and physics focused Experiment with gears ratios using various gears and pulleys  Gain valuable lessons in assembly and following instructions Project manual includes large color illustrations and simple directions for projects No Tools Required No Soldering Required

ELENCO Tobbie II Teach Tech Kit, TTC-894MB

Robotics meet BBC micro:bit. All the dynamic functionality of the Micro:bit microprocessor has been integrated into the Tobbie II Robot. Programmable build-it-yourself hexiped robot with a 360 degree free-rotation body. Accessible coding using Javascript Block Editor or Python for more advanced programmers. Downloadable programs: Tobbie II has 12 programs available for download, so you can start having fun immediately! Programs include light tracker, rock-paper-scissors, notice board and bowling. Cross Platform: Utilize your favorite device to code your new Tobbie II. Desktop, laptop, iOS or Android mobile devices supported. Best suited for Programmers and Engineers 10 and up. Requires (4) AAA batteries (not included)

ELENCO Mech-5 Teach Tech Kit, TTC-895

The mechanical coding wheel is the heart of the Mech-5 Mechanical Coding Robot It steers its coded courses and programmed tasks Coding is executed effortlessly by snapping the coding buttons onto the coding wheel, directing your robot to perform its basic functions – move forward, backward, right or left, spin or pause. 

ELENCO Solar Fun 6 Teach Tech Kit, TTG-610

Learn about solar energy on land, water and in the air with these six models: Windmill, Revolving plane, Plane, Car, Puppy, and Airboat. Best suited for Future Engineers 8 and up No soldering required

ELENCO Solarbot.14 Teach Tech Kit, TTG-615

Your Solarbot.14 kit contains unique components & parts to construct robots that operate on land and water Construct 14 different solar powered robots from functional to comical designs After assembling a model, the user can easily reassemble components into different models These robots are powered by direct sunlight

ELENCO Meta.4 Teach Tech Kit, TTG-617

Build the T-Rex that walks on 2 legs with jaws that try to eat everything in their path. Build the Rhino Beetle with 6 legs and a gaping jaw. Build the Drill Vehicle with a rotating drill bit. Build the Robot with visible gears that shuffle it forward. Perfect for young engineers age 8+.

ELENCO Rivet-Rex 12 Teach Tech Kit, TTG-618

Your Rivet-Rex 12 kit contains unique components & parts to construct hydro-mechanical robots that operate like animals Construct 12 different hydro-mechanical solar powered robots that mimic animal movement After assembling a model, the user can easily reassembly components into a different model These robots are powered by direct sunlight. NO BATTERIES REQUIRED

ELENCO Air Screamer Teach Tech Kit, TTG-631

You will need a pair of needle nose pliers, diagonal crosscut pliers and a Phillips head screwdriver In optimum conditions your Screamer will travel over 50 meters at 45 miles per hour. Wow! For builders 10 and up. NO BATTERIES REQUIRED

ELENCO Solar MIni-Racer Teach Tech Kit, TTG-681

Build a Solar Mini-Racer - It's a mini vehicle with a simple yet dynamic design run by the power of the sun Learn how you convert sunlight into mechanical energy and fun in this build-it-yourself kit Assembly instructions are straightforward with clear illustrations that make it an easy job NO BATTERIES NEEDED Best suited for young engineers age 8+.

ELENCO Solar Rover Teach Tech Kit, TTG-684

It's a six drum-wheeled all-terrain solar vehicle, equipped with mechanical suspension and a 4x4 drive system Just assemble, find some sun and let your Rover rove. NO BATTERIES REQUIRED

ELENCO Robotic Arm WC Teach Tech Kit, TTR-535

Lifting capacity: 100 g (3.5 oz) Horizontal reach 320 mm Vertical reach 380 mm Base rotation range 270 ° Base motion range 180 ° Elbow range 300 ° Wrist motion range 120 ° 4 D batteries required but not included. For engineers 12 and up.

ELENCO Hydrobot Arm Teach Tech Kit, TTR-632

Use all 6 axis to control your Robotic Arm The gripper can open and close with a maximum 47 mm (1.89 in.) gap, wrist joint rotation of 180 degrees, wrist joint mobility of 98 degrees, elbow joint range of 44 degrees, base rotation of 270 degrees, and shoulder joint motion of 45 degrees With a vertical reach of 16.35 inches, horizontal reach of 12.42 inches. 50 gram lifting capacity. Best suited for Future Engineers 12 and up