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HEXBUG Fire Ant, 477-2864

The HEXBUG® Fire Ant is a high-speed robotic creature that you can control! This speedy robotic bug lights up and features six custom wheels to boost its ability to move around obstacles in its path. Available in assortment of multiple colors Includes I/R remote control  Ages 8 years and up Batteries included

OWI 10 in 1 Renewable Energy Kit, OWI-MSK36524

Developing manual dexterity and building confidence has never been this fun Young students will learn three separate renewable energy concepts Children can build five different vehicles, three dinosaurs and two windmills Children ages eight and up will utilize the colored instruction manual Includes over 115 pieces to build ten exciting models

OWI Kintetic Racer Kit, OWI-SLK144

14-piece kit that teaches sustainable energy Hands on training tool with detailed lesson plans

OWI 100 in 1 STEM Lab, OWI-38917

Children will use the air flow to create a bubble machine (bubble solution not included) Also creates vacuum cleaner, or a floating foam ball Alarm system lets children build a functioning spinning LED light with a loud Beeping audio display If the audio wires are disconnected the LED light will spin without the alerting noise Knowledge will expand exponentially as connections are made, and children will see their confidence soar

OWI Air Power Racer V2 Kit, OWI-SLK020

15-piece kit runs on compressed air Air Power Racer V2 can achieve speeds up to 42% faster than the original 

ELENCO Teach Tech My First Coding Robot, EL10T

EL10T coding blocks introduce young minds to programming and programming concepts. Coding blocks program directions and EL10T's movement- left turn, right turn and forward. Build important logic, problem solving, sequencing and critical thinking skills.  Insert coding blocks into the control panel base and upload into EL10T's helmet. Put the helmet on EL10T's head. You really do put ideas in EL10T's head! Understand the process of writing and rewriting code by changing the sequence of blocks in the control panel. Start coding with 16 mission cards that direct EL10T to explore the Solar system or town with the double-sided mat-map. Graduate to coding EL10T's movements on a table top or in your house. Includes 16 Mission cards, 20 Coding Blocks, cardboard obstacles, stickers, Coding Panel and EL10T the Coding Robot. For ages 3 and up.Batteries: 7 AA batteries required

VELLEMAN Light Action Kit, ELMX510L

No soldering required Power supply: 2 x AA 1.5 V battery (not incl.)

SCIENCE WIZ Sound Projects, 7819

Explore sound vibrations Then capture these vibration by building a working Edison phonograph!

ELENCO Zivko The Robot Teach Tech Kit, TTR-893

In "Follow" mode, Zivko follows whoever approaches it, and acts like an obedient pet and follows you around. In "Explore" mode, Zivko can avoid obstacles and find a new route to explore. The little robot offers exciting sound and light effect. It develops its own emotions and gestures, just like your pets. Try to challenge Zivko and figure out what it can do. Create a maze for it to navigate or explore its surroundings and see if it can follow you. Most of all, do not treat it like a normal robot toy, but like an adorable smart friend.

ELENCO King Lizard Robot Teach Tech Kit, TTR-892

King Lizard Robot is modeled after Australian Frilled Lizards The King Lizard Robot functions with two AI modes, "Chase" and "Escape" Best suited for young builders age 10+ Requires 4 "AAA" batteries (not included)

ELENCO Sound Control UFO Kit, EDU-62022

Simple assembly is required No remote control needed! Body, ionized cover, hatch, face, rear, wheel brakes, stickers NOTE: The box is used during operation. Please don’t throw it away

ELENCO Snap Circuits 300 Experiments, SC-300

No tools required Includes Projects 1-305 manuals Includes all of the SC100 projects and 200 new ones!

ELENCO Snap Circuits 3D Illumination, SC-3DI

Exciting light effect 3-color light tunnel Projector with 6 cool images Mirrors and reflecting circuits Comes with over 50 parts With new parts like the vertical stabilizer, base grid stabilizer, and base grid support, you can build amazing 3D structures

ELENCO Snap Circuits 3D M.E.G., SC-3DMEG

Builds over 160 projects Includes over 60 parts Age Grade: 8+ 

ELENCO Snap Circuits 500 Experiments, SC-500

Includes all of the SC300 projects and 200 more! Includes Projects 1-511 manuals Build over 500 projects

ELENCO Snap Circuits 750 Experiments, SC-750

No tools required No Soldering required Build over 500 projects

ELENCO Snap Circuits Snapino, SC-SNAPINO

Easy snap together parts for an introduction to Arduino CODE: Introduction to the open-source Arduino hardware-software coding environment PROTOTYPING: Snap Circuits® are easy to use and the large format component modules are easy to handle  COMPATIBLE: Compatible with other Snap Circuits® sets and Arduino compatible shields and components  INCLUDED: 1 Arduino UNO compatible Snapino Module - 6 Snap Circuit Modules - 3 Snap Wires - 1 Snap Jumper Wire - 1 Snap to Pin Wire - 1 USB Cable - 1 9 Volt Battery Holder  -  1 Manual - 9 volt battery needed but not included