Raspberry Pi

Learn computer programming whatever your age or level of expertise with Raspberry Pi. Try this tiny low-cost credit-card sized computer that plugs into your computer monitor or TV and uses a standard keyboard and mouse. Consider the Raspberry Pi Starter Kit with assortment of electronic components for prototyping and step-by-step guides and tutorials. Create projects such as remote controlled robots, digital picture frames and video games. Discover the fun of programming with innovative Raspberry Pi at “You-Do-It” Electronics Center.
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VELLEMAN VESA Housing for Raspberry Pi3, VMP503

This case secures your Pi to the back of your TV or monitor, out of sight but fully connected. dimensions: 114 x 122 x 30 mm material: acryl

VELLEMAN Electronic Parts Pack for Raspberry Pi, VMP500

830 points solderless breadboard 10 x 10K resistors (RA10K0) 10 x 560R resistors (RA560E0) 1 x 1602 LCD module (LCD1602BLC) 65 x breadboard jumper wire M-M 1 x T-Shape GPIO expansion board 1 x ribbon cable for GPIO board 1 x infrared receiver module (VMA317) 1 x mini remote control for VMA317 1 x DS18B20 Digital One Wire Temperature Sensor 1 x 50K potentiometer (K047AM) 4 x button with round cap 4-pin 12 x 12 mm 2 x red LED 5 mm 2 x green LED 5 mm 1 x RGB LED 5 mm 1 x 40 pin 2.54 mm single row male pin header 1 x 3P F-F header connector wire cable - 20 cm 1 x 3P F-F jumper cable - 20 cm 1 x plastic clear box 186 x 90 x 45 mm

VELLEMAN Raspberry Pi Oscilloscope and Logic Analyzer Shield, VM205

oscilloscope: maximum sample rate : 1MS/s input amplifier bandwidth : 200kHz (-3dB) measurements can be performed up to: 100kHz input impedance : 100kohm // 20pF maximum input voltage: 30Vp (AC + DC) input coupling: AC+DC AD resolution: 8 bit record length: 800 samples run modes: Run, Single trigger level adjustable: in 254 steps timebase range: in 15 steps 5µs to 200ms/division input sensitivity range : in 6 steps, 100mV/division to 5V/division input sensitivity: 3mV display resolution time and Voltage markers readout frequency readout (through markers) logic analyzer: Number of channels: 10 record length: 10x800 samples Maximum sample rate: 1MS/s max. input voltage: 5VDC

HAMMOND Raspberry Pi Enclosure, 1593HAMPI3BK

Black 3.88" Length 2.74" Width 1.16" Enclosure depth assembled

RASPBERRY PI Sense Hat Astro Pi, 83-16980

Gyroscope – angular rate sensor: +/-245/500/2000dps Accelerometer - Linear acceleration sensor: +/-2/4/8/16 g Magnetometer - Magnetic Sensor: +/- 4/8/12/16 Gauss Barometer: 260 – 1260 hPa absolute range (accuracy depends on the temperature and pressure, +/- 0.1 hPa under normal conditions) Temperature sensor (Temperature accurate to +/- 2 degC in the 0-65 degC range) Relative Humidity sensor (accurate to +/- 4.5% in the 20-80%rH range, accurate to +/- 0.5 degC in 15-40 degC range) 8x8 RGB LED matrix display Small 5 button joystick Compatible with Raspberry Pi B+, A+, and Pi 2

HAMMOND Raspberry Pi Enclosure, 1593HAMPI3TBU

Translucent Blue 3.88" Length 2.74" Width 1.16" Enclosure depth assembled

Raspberry Pi 4 Power Supply USB-C 5.1V 3A Output, SC0218

Official Raspberry Pi 4 power supply These come in white (not black as pictured) 5.1VDC 3.1A Output 100-240VAC 50/60Hz input 15.3W maximum output power 1.5M 18awg cable with USB-C output connector