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VELLEMAN 3-axis Digital Acceleration Sensor Module -MMA7455, VMA208

+-2g/+-4g/+-8g dynamically selectable full-scale Output Data Rates (ODR) from 1.56 Hz to 800 Hz 12-bit and 8-bit digital output I2C digital output interface (operates to 2.25 MHz with 4.7 kO pullup) two programmable interrupt pins for six interrupt source Three embedded channels of motion detection Orientation (Portrait/Landscape) detection with set hysteresis High Pass Filter Data available real-time supply voltage: 1.95 V - 3.6 V interface voltage: 1.6 V - 3.6 V current consumption: 6 µA - 165 µA

OSEPP Piezo Sensor Module, PIEZO-01

Wide supply voltage range: 3.3V to 5V Digital output buzzer Analog input sound pressure sensor

OSEPP Ultrasonic Sensor Module, HC-SR04

Operating Voltage: 5V Working Current: 15 mA Distance Range: 2cm to 400cm 100% Arduino Compatible

VELLEMAN PIR Motion Sensor with Double Twin Optics, HAA54

double-twin-optics detection technology SMD-technology for greater EMI and RFI immunity detects the real intruders and ignores pets and rodents automatic temperature compensation fast or pulse-count response for difficult environments with tamper switch detection method: alternating polarity, 2 pyro-optic elements, passive infrared power-up delay: 2 minutes with flashing LED indication alarm activation delay: 2-3 seconds pulse count: instant response or 2 pulses within 12 seconds walk test LEDs: CH1, CH2 and alarm indicators alarm output: NC relay 28 VDC 0.1 A power supply: 12 VDC (9-16 VDC) / 15 mA typ. operating temperature: -10°C to +55°C with temperature compensation dimensions: 127 x 64 x 45 mm weight: 85 g

OSEPP Flame Sensor Module, FLAME-01

100% Arduino Compatible Operating voltage: 4.75V 5V MAX Working current: 20 mA Spectral bandwidth range:760 1100 nm. Detection range 0-1 m -25 ~ 85 degrees Celsius.

SPARKFUN Hall Effect Sensor - US1881, COM-09312

3.5V to 24V DC operation voltage Low current consumption Temperature compensation Wide operating voltage range Open-Collector pre-driver 50mA maximum sinking output current Reverse polarity protection Lead Free Package: TO-92

SPARKFUN Electret Microphone Element, COM-08635

Small electret microphone.  Useful in acoustic and audio applications.