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VELLEMAN Linear Bearing 10mm for K8200 3D Printer, LM10UU/SP

These bearings provide free motion for the K8200 3D Printer linearly, or in one direction Linear bearings do not require any lubrication or maintenance, but keep a few stashed away just in case

DATAK Copper Sheets 3.25" X 10" (2 sheets), CF-3

2 sheets  3.25" x 10" Self-adhesive 1oz copper .0016" thickness

DATAK ProtoBox Kit, 12-203

Protoboard 3.3" x 2.3"  Box size 3.6" x 2.6" x 1.1"

SPARKFUN Hobby Motor with Gear 1-3 VDC, ROB-11696

1.0 to 3.0VDC Motor but can handle a max load of up to 12VDC No load speed of 660010% RPM (@1.0V DC, 110mA).

SCIENCE WIZ Electronics Projects, 7817

Go from potato batteries to voltage piles to building electronic circuits! Build a LIE DETECTOR! Assemble and test a touch sensor Construct blinking and flashing-light circuits Make a potato battery and voltage pile Solve circuit puzzles Make a continuity tester Master circuits with a multimeter Explore Ohm’s Law

GEEK CLUB W4 Scout Recon, GC-PB-W401

Advanced solder kit Surface mount soldering Includes, parts, instruction manual and comprehensive educational book

ELENCO LED Robot Blinker Kit, K-17

With the LED Robot Blinker; you will learn about free-running oscillators. You'll have fun building; displaying and learning about the LED Robot Blinker. This kit requires soldering

Star Simpson's Circuit Classics Bargraph Voltage Indicator, AF3460

This circuit lets you become a scientist and an engineer and marks the passage of that important milestone of using tools you have constructed yourself. You can measure batteries or use it to explore and understand other electronic circuits that you find in the world. They make a great gift for a first-time learner, an expert tinkerer, or even just as a fun conversation piece for your desk.

OSEPP Standard Economy Servo Motor Contiuous Rotation, LS-5010CR

Suitable for hobby, models, science and other projects. Comparable to Servocity # 31311S20 Voltage Range:  4.8 – 7.2 Volts Stall Torque (6.0V): 4.1 Stall Torque (4.8V): JR Wire Configuration No-load Speed (6.0V / 4.8V):  0.19sec/60° / 0.23sec/60° Dimensions: 40.8*20.1*38mm Weight: 44g Rotation: Continuous Output Shaft Style: 25 tooth spline

NTE 8-Channel Darlington Array/Driver ULN2803 Equivalent, 2018

Ideally suited for interfacing between low−level digital logic circuitry and high−power peripheral loads High−voltage, high−current Darlington arrays in an 18−Lead DIP type package and feature peak load current ratings to 600mA for each of the eight drivers in each device Typical loads include relays, solenoids, stepping motors, multiplexed LED and incadescent displays, and heaters

VELLEMAN Brightdot Power & Fuse Pack for Electronics Wearables, VMW111

includes: fuse board Vin connectors: BAT1: soldering points for your own power connection BAT2: JST Connector for standard LiPo battery and/or our Alkaline battery pack Vout connector: JST fuses: fuse to protect the LED circuit fuse to protect the development board battery pack for 3 x AA batteries (batteries not incl.) fuse board to development board cable spare fuses (one of each type) fuse board dimensions (W x L x H): 38 x 38 x 7.4 mm fuse trip current LEDs: 500 mA fuse trip current development board: 750 mA fuse board max. forward voltage: 360 mV
New SPARKFUN IoT Power Relay (Voltage Controlled Relay)

SPARKFUN IoT Power Relay (Voltage Controlled Relay), COM-14236

Universal control voltage 3-60VDC or 12-120VAC A single input signal switches four outlets: one normally on, one always on, two normally off. Optical isolation, relay hysteresis and de-bounce protection add safety. A large MOV clamps surges for clean 90-140VAC power. The durable SPDT control relay is rated at 30/40A, >400,000 operations at 12A or 2 million+ operations at 5A. A 12A thermal safety circuit breaker switch prevents overloads. Mounting tab with two screw holes Dimensions: 170mm x 95mm x 35mm (6.69in x 3.74in x 1.37in)

OSEPP JST 3 Pin Wire Assembly 6" 10pk, LS-00089

6" length 8mm in height after mounting 2.0mm pitch.disconnectable crimp style connectors Current rating: 2A AC. DC (AWG #24) Voltage rating: 100V AC, DC Temperature Rating: -25°C to + 82°C

OSEPP JST 4 Pin Wire Assembly 6" 10pk, LS-00088

6" length 8mm in height after mounting 2.0mm pitch.disconnectable crimp style connectors Current rating: 2A AC. DC (AWG #24) Voltage rating: 100V AC, DC Temperature Rating: -25°C to + 82°C

SPARKFUN XT60 Connectors - Male/Female Pair, PRT-10474

Perfect for applications up to 65A continuous draw.Sold in pairs of 1 male and 1 female connector.

SPARKFUN Jumper Wire - 0.1", 3-pin, 6", PRT-10368

There is a 3-pin JST RE connector on both ends.  These are simple jumper wires used on standard 0.1" breakaway headers. Dimensions: 6" length

SPARKFUN Molex Jumper 2 Wire Assembly, PRT-09918

There is a 2-pin Molex connector with 0.1" spacing on one end, bare cable on the opposite end It also comes with the mating connector for the Molex Dimensions: 6" length

SPARKFUN JST-PH (2mm) 2-Conductor Pigtail w/ PCB Header, PRT-09914

This is a simple two wire cable Great for jumping from board to board or just about anything else There is a 2-pin JST connector on one end, bare cable on the opposite end It also comes with the mating connector for the JST Dimensions: 6" length