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ELENCO Electronic Playground 50-in-1 Experiments, EP-50

Build over 50 electronic projects Learn about voltage, currents, resistors, capacitors, and much more For ages 10 and up. Batteries: 1-9V

ACTOBOTICS Right Angle Gear Motor 140 RPM 4.5-6VDC, 638336

Voltage (Nominal)4.5V Voltage Range (Recommended)4.5V - 6.0V Speed (No Load)*140RPM Current (No Load)*190mA Current (Max Load)*250mA Torque (Stall)*800 gf-cm (11.11 oz-in) Gear Ratio48:1 Gear MaterialPlastic Gearbox StyleFace Gear / Straight Cut Spur Motor TypeBrushed DC Output Shaft Diameter5.3mm Output Shaft StyleDouble Flats Output Shaft SupportPlastic Case Electrical ConnectionMale Header Pin Wire Length12 Wire Gauge26awg Mounting Screw Size4-40 Product Weight0.07 lbs

OSEPP Fan Motor Module, FAN-01

Operating voltage output: 3V 6V MAX Speed (no load):15000 rpm Speed (6V):8000 rpm Current (6V):40mA Stall current (6V):360mA Torque (6V):0.111kg/cm

ELENCO Zivko The Robot Teach Tech Kit, TTR-893

In "Follow" mode, Zivko follows whoever approaches it, and acts like an obedient pet and follows you around. In "Explore" mode, Zivko can avoid obstacles and find a new route to explore. The little robot offers exciting sound and light effect. It develops its own emotions and gestures, just like your pets. Try to challenge Zivko and figure out what it can do. Create a maze for it to navigate or explore its surroundings and see if it can follow you. Most of all, do not treat it like a normal robot toy, but like an adorable smart friend.

ELENCO King Lizard Robot Teach Tech Kit, TTR-892

King Lizard Robot is modeled after Australian Frilled Lizards The King Lizard Robot functions with two AI modes, "Chase" and "Escape" Best suited for young builders age 10+ Requires 4 "AAA" batteries (not included)

ELENCO Motobot.4 Teach Tech Kit, TTR-891

MotoBOT.4 requires 1 AA battery, a Phillips head screwdriver and some diagonal cutters (not included). For ages 8 and up. 

ELENCO Robotic Arm WC Teach Tech Kit, TTR-535

Lifting capacity: 100 g (3.5 oz) Horizontal reach 320 mm Vertical reach 380 mm Base rotation range 270 ° Base motion range 180 ° Elbow range 300 ° Wrist motion range 120 ° 4 D batteries required but not included. For engineers 12 and up.

ELENCO Solar MIni-Racer Teach Tech Kit, TTG-681

Build a Solar Mini-Racer - It's a mini vehicle with a simple yet dynamic design run by the power of the sun Learn how you convert sunlight into mechanical energy and fun in this build-it-yourself kit Assembly instructions are straightforward with clear illustrations that make it an easy job NO BATTERIES NEEDED Best suited for young engineers age 8+.

ELENCO Rivet-Rex 12 Teach Tech Kit, TTG-618

Your Rivet-Rex 12 kit contains unique components & parts to construct hydro-mechanical robots that operate like animals Construct 12 different hydro-mechanical solar powered robots that mimic animal movement After assembling a model, the user can easily reassembly components into a different model These robots are powered by direct sunlight. NO BATTERIES REQUIRED

ELENCO Meta.4 Teach Tech Kit, TTG-617

Build the T-Rex that walks on 2 legs with jaws that try to eat everything in their path. Build the Rhino Beetle with 6 legs and a gaping jaw. Build the Drill Vehicle with a rotating drill bit. Build the Robot with visible gears that shuffle it forward. Perfect for young engineers age 8+.

ELENCO Solarbot.14 Teach Tech Kit, TTG-615

Your Solarbot.14 kit contains unique components & parts to construct robots that operate on land and water Construct 14 different solar powered robots from functional to comical designs After assembling a model, the user can easily reassemble components into different models These robots are powered by direct sunlight