Soldering Irons & Stations

Soldering Irons & Stations
Limit soldering errors when building or reworking printed circuit boards with soldering irons from “You-Do-It” Electronics. Find variety of well-priced soldering irons, soldering guns and soldering stations. Use soldering irons to attach electronic components or reattach electronic components that have been soldered together. Use them for additional applications such as salvaging components from old printed circuit boards or heating glue to reposition items that were glued incorrectly. Discuss your projects with the knowledgeable staff at “You-Do-It” Electronics and find the soldering irons to suit your work area.
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NTE 140/100 Watt Corded Medium Duty Soldering Gun, J-100

140/100 Watt Corded Medium Duty Soldering Gun UL & C UL approved Dual heating element for soldering a variety of materials High wattage (140W) heats up to +950°F (+510°C) Low wattage (100W) heats tip to +750°F (+399°C) Pre-focused light illuminates work area