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Eclipse Inspection MIrror 2" x 3", 900-103

2" X 3" Inspection Mirror All-angle ball joint mirrors with stainless steel mirror back Visual inspection of hidden areas

INTELLINET Universal Modular Plug Crimping Tool, 211048

Crimps RJ45, RJ12 and RJ11 modular plugs Cuts and strips both round and flat cable

MASTER APPLIANCE Butane Powered Glue Gun, CG-200

Operating Temp: Approx. 392°F/200°C Recommended Glue Stick: 1/2" (0.50 inch) Avg. Run Time: Approx. 120 minutes (full tank) Ramp Up Time 3-4 minutes Glue Melt Rate: up to 0.67 lbs. per hour Fuel Capacity: 6 g